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Monday, October 7, 2013

Certified Batang 90's [90's Kids]

I was born in the late 80's (1988 to be exact) but my childhood days was spent during the 90's. Definitely, it was the most memorable part of my existence. It was the decade of my life when I was freely playing around with my young peers and not minding what my tomorrow will be as an adult me does.

And just this last Sunday of September, I coincidentally witnessed the memoirs of my juvenile age. It was thru 90's << Naalala Mo Pa Ba? Exhibit in part of the "Intramuros Pasyal Sunday" with the effort of Philippine Art 164 Class from UP Manila.

If you really are 90's kid what must be the 90's things that stored in your memory? Let me give you some of these and refresh all our 90's days.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Intramuros Pasyal Sunday

Imagine the city or a busy street without cars passing by. Unusual isn't it? But this was made possible on a street of the Walled City of Intramuros -- Gen. Luna Street which is adjacent to the Oldest Baroque Church in the Philippines -- San Agustine Church.

That car-less street was conjuncted in celebration of "International Car-Free Day, Intramuros Pasyal Sunday was brought by Intramuros Administration, Manila Bulletin, and the Manila Collectibles.

National Museum of the Philippines [New Galleries]

To be able to have brief knowledge of such country, city, town or any place, a visit in the museum 
.........must include in travelers' destination. It gives a quick glimpse of history and cultural background 

Above was the Old Legislative Building and now serve as the "The National Art Gallery".

In celebration of "Museum and Gallery Month", the National Museum of the Philippines has opened its door for free. This will be free in the entire month of October including all the provincial branches. In Manila, there were two neo-classical government building was now converted into main museum. One is the Old Legislative Building which is now "The National Art Gallery". All the artworks like paintings, mural and sculptures made by our notable art genius (by Luna, Amorsolo, Hidalgo, Tolentino and among others) were well kept and preserved there.  The second one is the former Finance Building that now serves as the "Museum of the Filipino People". It houses cultural artifacts and collections unearthed by both foreign and local anthropologist.  

Paco Park and Cemetery | Serving Life's Two Destinations

Among the historical sites in Manila, Paco Cemetery/Park must be the most accessible in our house. It's just one jeepney ride away from home. In about 15 minutes, I could be in the park already. Although it is very much accessible in my place,  I just reached it last June of this year and the second time was this month of September. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Barasoain Church Revisited

"Find the Cat." That was we're larking about when we still have the old 10 Peso bill made from paper. And please don't tell me you never did it or ever heard about it? That moment, we were eager to locate it and see if the animal was really there. Man, I honestly did that. But the truth is, there was no cat in the picture but a part of the church's façade mouldings. It just happened that it looks like a cat.

For the second time, I got the chance to take a peek again on the historical landmark after fifteen years. I was in the 3rd grade when the last time that I saw it with my bare eyes. It was part of the itineraries of our educational trip. We all know that in history record this edifice served significant roles not just in the Province of Bulacan but in the entire country.

The church was our first destination when we have our Malolos' Singkaban Festival.  Over the years, the church remain beautiful. Unlike any other old structure that went through rehabilitation, the rustic looks of the façade was preserved though modern times has reached it.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Caratig | Jeepney's Little Brother

A certain place become a distinct destination by its tourist spots, delicacies, culture and tradition. Hence, what makes a locality also unique is their mode of transportation.
If some locations of Visayas and Mindanao, have their habal habal, while Zamboanga has vintas and in the old city of Intramuros are roaming Calesas, the City of Malolos has their Jeepney! Yes a jeepney but not the ordinary one. It is a smaller version of the regular jeepey -- A Caratig.
This 10-seater (5 on both side) local bus has route going to Barasoain Church proper and to the town center. It served as our main conveying vehicle when we had our tour around the City of Malolos.  

Minimun fare is same as the regular jeepney--P8.00

So when you visit Malolos, surely you'll get the chance to ride on it.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

St. Joseph the Worker Parish | SJDM, Bulacan

The fact that Bulacan has shared a significant role in our country most especially on colonial time. Perhaps, as one of the earliest province in Central Luzon, concentration of historic site is indeed diverse. Just like its neighboring provinces, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and among others, the province houses numbers of old structures. Churches must be the best example.

Aside from Barasaoin, the infamous Church which was once placed in an old version 10 peso bill, Bulacan has more old worship building. And one is located in San Jose Del Monte.-- The Saint Joseph the worker Parish.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bulacan Food Munch and Pasalubong

Traveling must always include food munching galore. It is a way to treat ourselves after an exhausting trip and to try the local delicacies. It is also a way to discover the best restaurant in the place and recommend it to other travellers.

In our Bulacan escapade, we never missed to try the local menus that is offered in popular eateries, might as well the pocket and taste buds friendly eat destination.

Kubo sa Bayan, a Restaurant and Catering Service

One has to begin in SJDM, Bulacan. Found in the town proper is the "Kubo sa Bayan". It is across the street which is adjacent to church, beside the poblacion market. For assurance, you may ask the local where it is.

Said that it was featured in the travel show, "Biyahe ni Drew".  

Monday, September 16, 2013

Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto | Fruit of Great Faith and Healing

"If faith can move a mountain, let the mountain moves."....

The above line is just one of the few lyrics from  the Christian Song "Waiting here for you" which signifies huge amount of faith. And that was  what I witnessed when I had my Bulacan tour last Saturday with some of new found blogger friends.
It is like I was in a European Scene.

Singkaban Festival of Bulacan

The Province of Bulacan have shared a great role in our country's rich history. According to our history record, the first constitutional democracy was born there and held the First Philippine Republic in Malolos. Among all these are the long list contributions of the province  that are too many to mention.
Now, in the modern times, the province seems bit forgotten as prominent provinces in the country in terms of tourism. And in order to promote the provinces again and call tourists, both local or foreign, the Bulakenyos are working out to revive their tourism magnet and also to promote the local skills and Festivities.
And one of the annual festival held in Bulacan is the Singkaban Festival.

Singkaban stands for "Sining at Kalinangan ng Bulacan". It is a festival of arts and culture in honor of the capitols patron saint "Our Lady of Victory". The festival is celebrated every second week of September in which also aligned in celebration of "Linggo ng Bulakan".

The Bulakenyos are showcasing their traditional arts like "Balagtasan", and folk dance under the Singkaban Arches. Sigkaban arches are made of bamboo designed with slightly peeled top layer that made look fluffy and flowery like. The festival is also the emergence of various festivals in the province that took part on the street dance competition.

Official Logo of Singkaban Festival 2013. Photo credit to Provincial Government website of Bulacan

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sumilon Light House

The Philippines is consider as one of the largest archipelago in the world that is composed of 7,107 islands (said to be more during low tide). And due to archipelagic location, sea navigation is the major transport system in the country to transfer its citizen from island to island. Thus, it houses numerous harbours to cater the local and foreign mariners.

Aside from harbours and ports, our country has numbers of lighthouses that served as navigation aid for maritime pilots and its sea farer most likely during the early times. But due to modernization and high expense to its maintenance, the operation of lighthouses has declined and started to become a dilapidated stone and historical landmark.

Our trip in Cebu gave me the chance to visit one of the province's light house. And for farola enthusiast out there, Cebu must be a drop by in your trip and be awed by its lighthouses.

Lies on the southern Cebu is the town of Oslob. It houses the verdant island of Sumilon. Not known to travellers and backpackers, aside  from Blue Water Resort, Sumilon has its well kept secret attraction--the lighthouse and Baluarte.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Simple Joys

It was 8th day of August 2013, the day before the holiday in celebration of Eid'l Fitr (our muslim brothers' celebration), 'was 5 PM then and I hurriedly left the office. I was excited for that day to end because of the long weekend. My excitement has nothing to do with another travel escape but for me to enjoy being at home for at least that weekend (homebody mode!!!...hehehe).
 As I was about to pay my ticket, I saw a post placed on top of the ticketing counter at Philippine National Railways (PNR) Magallanes station. Written on it was the quote "Smile ka rin. Konti lang". Upon seeing it, a smile flashed on my face and it suddenly reminded me of the fast food restaurant commercial using that lines. The one with siblings (an older brother with down syndrome and his younger brother) talking about their crush while eating. That really made my day!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Just Saying: When Greed Strikes!

(c) The Manila Times

Year 2010, a turning point, a new president was elected and the stage of leadership was again passed to the lineage of Aquinos. Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino as we call him PNoy (President Noy). If not of his parents who have been so love by Filipinos, probably he wouldn't be in the position. His campaign slogan has put marked and prevailed promising a "Tuwid na Daan".

Now, three years in the seat, and to be fair to him, we've really seen his effort to make effect his promises. I personally felt and seen it the "Daang Matuwid" but not in it full blown. Naahh! As usual politics!

On his term, our economy have grown dramatically and just recently declared as the fastest in the region. Laws and rules have been implemented and somehow put into action. From the "anti-wangwang" policy for the government officials up to the protection of our sovereignty, the president is truly on the move. He is even trying hard to extract the remaining crocs and dissiminate dirty transactions on government offices.

Just recently on his SONA, he has been tactless while saying his words of disappointment to certain bureau where in culture of corruption is still prevalent and even fired some officials of it. (I would like to commend the president on this).

Now, rolling out on the news is the PDAF issue or the 10B Php pork barrel scam. Expose' and witnesses are coming out against the allegedly scam queen Janet Napoles that involved several lawmakers from the senatorial position up to the congress. The pork barrel scam supposedly for Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) was diverted into fake NGOs.

The fund that must be allocated in agricultural sector to distribute to our local farmers was shared by few. And this Napoleses were said now hiding due to issuance of warrant of arrest filed for illegal detention of main whistle blower, Benhur Lui.

It saddens and made me almost into tears knowing that there are people as greedy as them and seems so callous regardless of others stature. Poverty rate in the country remain escalating. And that multi-billion amount of money if used in the right allocation, could help our millions of countrymen who are on and below poverty line. Grrrr...Nakakagigil!

Besides, my sympathy also goes to the tax payers like me and you. That money could have created many project for social and national development than in the pocket of our corrupt officials. We know that it isn't the lone case that corruption has been exposed. We heard and have seen a lot of it. What fear me is that this issue might be overwrite and be set aside again. Politician that was involved to it may not be track because of "padrino" system prevailing in our government. The sacrifice and effort made by witnesses will again be wasted.

Until the greed strikes and remain in our culture particularly those in the position, our long time desire of full transformation will be like a scene in foggy mountain. The view was perfect on distant low lying area but is being block by the thick clouds. What we badly needed is the sun rays that will wipe out the cloud. We are one of the rays that will bring the heat. May pakialam tayo dahil kahit papaano apektado tayo dito. We may not felt it individually but we feel it as a citizen of this nation.

The battle for corruption has never been easy and it will never be. But as long as we believe for a true change and let ourselves be aware of our state, in the end, the price we pay is worth it and let us remain holding on our dignity.

Change starts from us.

Just Saying!  

Just Saying: Where did demoracy brought us?!

(c) The Manila Times 

It's been 30 years since the late Ninoy Aquino has been assassinated. He who also the reason that ended the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos and put into presidency our first woman president, Cory Aquino.

But after that so many years which I believe that we as free nation have gain maturity and learned from all these, did we really attained the definite fruit of liberation from a regime which we consider  the dark days of our nation's post colonial government? Or have we interpreted it into a different understanding? Have we been overwhelmed by the overflowing democracy brought by "People Power " movement and made undisciplined citizen? Or has it worsen more the corruption and can't get rid off the crocs in our government?
An English writer Peter Ustinov once savid that "Corruption is our nature's way of restoring our faith in democracy."

Yes, it did restored our hopes on democracy and promised that our nation will soon overcome its dire situation. However, it seems that things are not falling into the right place. Greed has never been eased thus became a culture. We have changed at least 3 presidents, the military man in Tobacco, the action star which has been ousted and the little woman who is also the daughter of 9th president of the republic, and today Aquino is on the seat, but still we're in the brim of poverty. The crocs has even became a professional corrupt.

Sad, but its true. But let's still hold on. We'll over come this!

Just saying! ;-)

Monday, August 12, 2013

My Cebu Survival Food and Food Trip

I am no food expert and not even a gastronomic enthusiast maybe because I am not picky when it comes to food. I would eat all the food that will be offered to me as long as my taste buds liked it. And sharing to you guys my food imbibed when we're in Cebu is something fun to relate. So here we go.  

1. Dimsum Break in Gov. Cuenco Ave., Banilad Town Center, Cebu City.

Originated in Cebu but now has its branch in Metro Manila at SM North EDSA. The restaurant is on a fast food set up that offers variety of Chinese cuisines but I saw it in Pinoy way. Have to visit their branch here in Metro Manila.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sacred Well of Caysasay

 Lies on the hidden area of the Caysasay Church vicinity is the well also known as the miraculous well of Sta. Lucia. This 16th century old altar/retablo look structure was still on the sturdy condition over the hundred years of its existence. The bass relief on its uppermost  façade would definitely amaze its visitors. It resembles in some part the Indian Hindu architecture because of it relief. If not with Mary figure, you will really find it like an ancient temple.

The well was believed to be the place where the carved image of Mary from the church was found when it was lost. That is why spring that flowing to it was said to be sacred. Pilgrims flocked in the place to receive healing.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

2Go Travels on the go

Featuring our mode of transportation, I think is the best way to begin relating to you guys our Boracay trip last June 2013.
Pink  (fuscia, magenta whatever) is the colour that usually connotes to feminism or anything that is associated to it.
But who would have think that it would fit to the flagship colour or the motif of a Shipping line, 2Go Travels.

Dared and determined to redefine the usual trend of water transport system, this ship line has launched a very improved water transport dominated by girly ambience. The passenger ship line is manage by Negros Navigation who consider the leading and largest ferry company in the Philippines with its main hub located in Eva Macapagal Super Terminal in Pier 15 in the Manila South Harbor.
On the first time I heard about 2Go, I thought it was only a logistic company. But on the days before our Boracay trip, when we are fixing our company outing, I learned that they are now operating trips and one of these is the route to paradise Island of Boracay. It’s been a long way before we end up to an organised excursion and we opted 2Go ships to be our first mode of transfer heading to the island. (Aside from having limited budget for transportation, some of our officemates want to experience sailing and ride on a ship)

Here, get a peek of the ship St. Augustine of Hippo from the following photos.
Batangas International Port, is one of the port of call where 2Go ships are docking. There are two fleets in the port one is going to Romblon Island and the other is the Caticlan route. We left the Batangas Port at 9PM and thanks God that He gave us a smooth sail. The waves were slapping the ship's wall but it is tolerable.

Alta Vista de Boracay: Island Luxury Experience on the Heights

Continuation of my June 2013 Boracay getaway blog series....

After almost 10 hours of sea travel, which seems like a glimpse, we finally reached Caticlan Port. 

The first moment that I set my foot on one of Visayas' largest island, Panay, on Caticlan Jetty Port.

Sumilon Island | Delving Cebu Day 3 Random Shots

Traversing Osmena Peak To Kawasan Falls | The Zombiefying Trek, Delving Cebu Day 2

My first climb in Cebu has not gave us a perfect view because of the foggy surroundings that almost covered the entire scene. Lucky us, that in quite moment, these rugged peaks of Cebu, the highest probably, showed up. If not, we'll left the place with little disappoinment.

After more than an hour of stay at the peak and some photo shoots, our leg-breaking adventure, a Kawasan Falls traverse has started. We descended on foggy trails and passed through the vegetable farms of Mantalongon.

The fog almost blinded us that we couldn't see the trail and far back drop but only the few diameters of our sight.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mt. Tagapo Day Hike: Gauging the Peak of Bamboo Island

 I spent my sunday on mountain again since the last climb in Osmena Peak in Dalaguete, Cebu. This time, I climbed not with my mountaineering group SMB Mountaineers but with the new crowd. Organized by Ivan Cultura, a.k.a Batang Lakwatsero (name of his blog site featuring mountains here in the Philippines) we explored the mountain located in the verdant Island of Talim, Binangonan, Rizal Province, known as Mt. Tagapo.

Dated on 14th of July, we met up at 5AM in Chowking Restaurant nestled in a Shopping Mall along EDSA corner Shaw Boulevard. The group were composed of 16 mountaineers. Others were freelance outdoor enthusiast and some have their own group also like me. It feels good to meet new people with same passion as mine, thus, my network would extend and got new circle of outdoor buddies. (sigurado dadami na naman lakwatsa ko nito!!)

When everyone has arrived and confirmed the number of attendees, at 6AM we immediately rode jeepney routing to Binangonan Port (P39 for jeepney fare)  and arrived there at about 8AM.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Osmena Peak: Delving Cebu Day 2

If Bohol has its "Chocolate hills"- scattered conical thousand mounds that turn brown during dry season, hence the name, Cebu has also  its jaw dropping geological formation-- The "Osmena Peak". 

Strategically located in Mantalongon, Dalaquete, (pronounce as da-la-get)  one of southern town of Cebu, this must visit natural wonder is consider the highest in the province. 1040 MASL according to my watch altimeter. The town itself signifies the role as the vegetable basket of Cebu.  

Thursday, June 6, 2013

I-Witness Documentaries

Really, I am an avid viewer of documentaries. In here I got lot of information about our country that serve as a wake up call. Also, it give me a thorough view of our deeper situation as a nation. Whether it  is dire or good, it encourages me to be a better citizen and explore more of our culture and practice our very own tradition. I know gradually, we are reaching the new phase of changes. I believe the said "Sick Man of Asia" is now on its recovery and we have to be part of it. It may not be felt as the moment but years from now, I know we will. How lucky the coming generations are. Our children, grandchildren and great great grand children, for they will experience a new Philippines. 

Thanks to these dokomentaristas who did a very well job. Informative and yet so moving!!! I strongly recommend this to watch rather watching movies and series. Steal some time for this and you will really like this. For my fellow travel enthusiast out there, this is a must watch!!! They feature travel sites. 

Photo credits to Philippine Star
Here are some of the Episodes that I already watched:

Ankla(Tambobo Bay) ni Sandra Aguinaldo
Kubling Yaman ng Cam Juan ni Sandra Aguinaldo
Lapu Lapu 
Lihim ng Bundok Kamhantik ni Kara David
Maculot ni Jay Taruc
Misteryo ng Bundok Manalmon ni Jay Taruc
Laki sa Lawa ni Howie Severino
Promdi City ni Kara David
Ang mga Dalagita ng Sapang Kawayan ni Kara David
Kinder na si Lola ni Kara David
Ambulansyang de Paa ni Kara David
Namimingwit sa Langit
And Huling Mambabatok (The Last Kalinga Tattoo Artist) ni Kara David
Batch 2012 ni Sandra Aguinaldo
Ang Kuwago ng Pahiyas ni Howie Severino
Mga Lihim ng Pamilya ni Rizal ni Howie Severino
Anino ng Cubao ni Cheche Lazaro
Hiram na mga Anghel (Hunter Syndrome) ni Sandra Aguinaldo
Lolo Lambanog ni Kara David
Muton (cable cart) ni Jay Taruc
Silong ni Kara David
Saplot ni Howie Severino
Mailap na Mangyan ni Kara David
Ang Buwaya ng Rio Tuba ni Kara David
Ang Tagong Boracay ni Howie Severino
Biyaheng EDSA ni Howie Severino
Itinaga sa Bato ni Howie Severino
Kamandag ng Palayan ni Kara David (story of Philippine cobra)
Ang Lihim ng Lumang Tulay (Featuring Philippine Colonial Bridges) ni Kara David

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

From Womb to Tomb: Hospicio de San Jose's Legacy, Service and Commitment

May 29, 2013, Wednesday.

I and my bosses (Sir RCS (our SVP) and Sir Gerry (my manager) were scheduled to do a field meeting in one of the property we are interested in. I arrived in the office today before 8:00 and to my surprise Sir Gerry met me in the lobby and told me that we are about to leave and RCS is coming near in office. I want to leave my bag in my cubicle but since we are in hurry I opted to bring it with me though it is a bit heavy. 

We  went to  Hospicio de San Jose, an orphanage located in an island at Pasig River. Also along Ayala bridge of Manila City . To give you background of Hospicio here are some by Coylee Gamboa,
"Cradled on a verdant island in the middle of the Pasig River is Hospicio de San Jose, home to babies, children, adults and elderly persons who have no other home in this world.
For 200 years, this charitable institution has accepted the poorest of the poor and families in crisis, and has sheltered them, fed them, clothed them, educated them, cared for them when they were sick or wounded, and helped them go on in this world. For infants and the children, able and not so able, they found families or restored them to their own whenever possible, and when neither was possible, harbored them for life and buried them when they passed away.
The Daughters of Charity, who have faithfully managed this institution for 145 years, have, in keeping with their Vincentian vows, loved Christ in the needy, for Christ said, "Whatever you do for the least of my brethren, you do unto me."
Within the walls of Hospicio, a.k.a. the House of St. Joseph, the Daughters of Charity and all who serve alongside them have found not only enough challenges to keep them busy, but also fulfillment in their calling, joy in service and gratitude for the amazing opportunity to see the hand of God at work daily for they live by His Providence."

Facade of Main Building wherein guests were catered.

Mabini Shrine: Tour in the house of the Brain of Philippine Revolution

I'm a proud graduate of a state run and premiere public university famous for student activism, Polytechnic University of the Philippines(PUP). Graduated 3 years ago, but still I got chances to visit my beloved ALMA MATER since it's just a trolley(a wooden improvised buggy running through the railways) away from our place. Also, I want to be updated and see what is current in the university. 

This time, I visited the Campus for GWA cetificate (Grade weighted Average) as part of requirement to my Master's Degree application. I came at 11 AM, expecting that I would just claim it and I have not to fall in line anymore, but PUP system as it was acronym-ed Pila Ulit Pila still  remain. Sadly, lunch break reached me and they closed the line. Yes, that was disappointing but I know I have something to do with it. If only i have come earlier. My supposedly half day absence at work became a whole day. 

And to ease my dismay, I relieve my self with food and went around the campus to see what is new and to kill time until the line open. My feet brought me in a shrine. It is the house of Apolinario Mabini here in Manila. A local of Talaga, Tanawan in province of Batangas, the young Mabini studied his Law education in University of Sto. Tomas in 1894, and the house served his shelter on time of his stay in the city. The house was owned by named Cecilio Del Rosario and Maxima Castañeda. 

In collaboration, of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines(NHCP) and the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) the shrine was established into its final place. 

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery and Bunga Falls Sidetrip

May 26, 2013, Sunday

My first travel alone!

NAGCARLAN, Laguna -- From the gimik last night, I got  home at almost 2AM (that  was so late!!) eventhough I know that I have to wake up early for my weekend escape. Weeks before, I set up my mind and my self to my trip going to Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery in the Province of Laguna. I supposed to be with Dewi (an outdoor buddy) but unfortunately she wasn't able to proceed because she's not feeling well. However, that doesn't stopped me from pursuing this travel. I know in my part, I was also considering to cancel it because I'm not used to travel all by my self. Parang  ang boring lang kasi and I feel pity  to my self!!! 

I woke  up as early as 6 AM,  to prepare everything (camera, chicha, and water to drink) and leave at 7 AM. 

I was at the Jacliner bus terminal at 8 AM and departed at exact 9 AM. Hindi ganun kadami ang pasahero that's why I had a convenient travel  going in San Pablo City, Laguna (the city of seven lakes). The bus fare is P125. (still affordable)

San Pablo City Church. It is under  renovation that time. The dome of the church quite resembles the dome of Saint Paul's Cathedral designed by Sir Christopher Wren. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Not My Ordinary Weekend, Full Packed!!!

May 4, 2013 Saturday, Company Outreach Activity!!!

I started my weekend by waking up early 5:00 o'clock in the morning preparing for my company's outreach program. Lead by the Marketing Department, we did the community interaction in Payatas at Quezon City. The activity has allot 50 slots only for volunteers among the thousand employees. On the first day  of announcement, I immediately posted my  name to include on the list  and then invited my department office-mate to join also.

The meet up place was in our main office. We departed at 7:30 AM, a bit late because we have waited the other participants. We took  the trip  for 1  1/2 hour, the location was a former  dump site and near to current dump site. The project was part of Habitat for Humanity a non-government organization  known for helping the urban poor with cooperation of Quezon City local government.


Friday, April 12, 2013

The Value of Age 20's

Photo credit to planetromero.com
"Past is past" just one of the infamous quotes we heard when something went wrong. Or when realize such things we hve missed to do. In some, it is a sort of relief and excuse.

Last night, after two months of being pasaway(stubborn), I got chance to meet my spiritual family. I decided to go because I do really miss them and also to get updates about them. This gathering was set by our net leader, Kuya Dawen. I admire this effort of him. I knew in  the first place that there is something he wants to tell us. Perhaps, I assumed, this was due to frequent absences I made during Sunday Service but, the other reason, I just knew it there. I must admit, I'm guilty 'bout it.

For the past two months, I habitually went to gala (traveled almost every week) and sometimes preferred not to attend Sunday Service and just stayed at home. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Eternidad Segunda"

Photo credit to stuffpoimt.com

"Eternidad Segunda" 

Angel Crespo(Ciudad Real, 1926, Barcelona, 1996)

Lingua Español

Metis las manos en el agua.
Para pacerne a las islas.

Por mos dedos pasaba el mar.
Como el aire por las rendijas.

Por de bajo de mis palabras
las sirenas se perseguian.

Cuando quise volver a tierra 
yo no estaba la orilla.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Parrot's Peak: My Birth Mountain

It was year 2011 when I officially climbed a mountain and that was Pico de Loro in Ternate Cavite

Friday, April 5, 2013

Buruwisan Multi-Falls | A Place to go to chase Waterfalls

"Just Follow the Footprints"....this rule had helped my adventure together with my college friends in Mt. Romelo in Siniloan, Laguna. 
In the past few months, I've been seeing my college classmate/friend frequently. We jogged at Ayala Triangle and did some chitchat. This meeting allowed us to share and talk a lot of what we have been doing, our activities and what makes us busy, our sidelines and of course love life.(Hehe..ciempre hndi mawawala yun!) Eventhough social media become an easy access nowadays, it wouldn't beat the feeling of personal gathering. As an active  social media user, they knew what were my trips. My photos would show that. And that started a talk of my travels and invited them. We end up planning our backpacking as part of Ken's birthday celebration (one of my college friend). That was scheduled February in Island of Cagbalete,Mauban Quezon.

View of Lowland area of Siniloan, Laguna (photos courtesy of Alvin Torzar)

Unfortunately, Cagbalete Island was disregarded due to bad weather. Just to push the gala, 2 days before the date, I searched for an alternative place to go. Since my friends were looking for an adventure with water feature, chasing waterfalls would be ok. My first option is in Majajay but I read a blog that the falls there is a little crowded that you will not enjoy the area because of a massive flocks of people. I continued searching and there Mt. Romelo appeared on the list.  Bloggers would say that it was the best place for combined adventure of trekking and enjoying plentiful of water feature. Also, I considered that my companions were new to this type of activity. I want them to enjoy the place and introduce them to outdoors by starting in an easy yet adventurous one.

My Bucket List

Career Plans...

To teach in my Alma Mater
Give up the corporate career(self-employed)
Travel Photographer (need to buy first pro camera)
Travel Blogger

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nostalgic Side trip in Town of Sariaya: Marinduque Holy Week Getaway Day 4

The last night of our stay on the island has been so long. I remembered that I fell asleep at 3 AM  because my cousins have to leave and go back in our barangay (Alobo, 45 minutes away from Maniwaya by motorboat). Just like us, ending up a chill moment  (when we don't have to think of our daily routine, A Escape!!) made them bit sad.

I woke up as early as 6 AM. I have a shallow sleep that night because I was thinking of our logistics going back in Manila. We heard and I read blogs that there is back door trip from the Island wherein the Poso (a big version of banca) has a daily trip  on Gen Luna, Quezon. The Poso will depart from the island at 6:00 AM and 10 AM. Whenever I have a situation like this that I must wake up early, my body alarm clock works automatically. 

I was the one who woke up first, then my brother and Jann. We ate first our breakfast on the nearby Sari -sari Store. We ate a light meal of bread and liver spread and a cup of coffee!!! Afterwards, we break our camp area and put things on our backpack. We took shower at Manang's House and cleaned everything in the camp site. We have remaining time before the Poso arrived so we got few minutes of nap.  

Leaving this piece of paradise did really upset me. But this is the reality, we have to go back to our norms. Living again in the city of hustle and bustle, thank God though for allowing us this opportunity of letting everything go. 

Maniwaya Island: Marinduque Holy Week Getaway Day 3

Maniwaya Island

Visiting Marinduque shall include your IT of island hopping. Surrounded by bodies of water, the province is blessed with number of islands with powdery and white sand beaches and clear blue water. One of these, is Maniwaya Island. Located in town of Santa Cruz, you reach it through 30-45 minutes boat ride from Buyaod Port. Actually, there are 2 other islands namely Polo, Mongpong but Maniwaya has the best to offer for beach experience. 

Moriones Festival 2013: Marinduque Holy Week Getaway Day 2

Experienced wearing a wood carved mask. 
When you say Marinduque, one thing that comes first on a Filipino mind is Moriones FestivalIt is an annual celebration of Lenten season in Southern Luzon. Bright and colorful costumes of Roman soldiers, painted helmets, mask and ornaments is displayed on the streets. During my stay in our province, it has been a tradition that we have to witnessed this celebration every holy week. Numbers of people flocked in the town proper to attend Good Friday mass and join the procession after. My father used to become a Morion that is why I appreciated much this feast. In this festival also, creativity and the art side of Marinduqueños was showcased. Carving the masks and helmets took month to finish. Tourism was also benefited by this festival. It attracted tourists all over the country both local and foreign.

Luzon Datum+Boac Town: Marinduque Holy Week Getaway Day 1

It has been three years since the last time I visited my home town, Marinduque (Alobo, Santa Cruz to be specific). This trip was planned during our coffee session together with my mountaineering and outdoor buddies(Ma'am Riz, Ma'am Odhie, Arisse, Jann and Rex)....

December 25, 2012 at CCP Complex Harbor Square (mga tumatakas sa mga namamasko...haha...)
"That night really went chaotic and wild! Wahaha! Won't discuss the detail but really had fun." 

It was really just for a coffee session plus bunch of chitchat. Then again, traveler instinct arised and ended up planning out of places to go.We did suggestions of place and date of the travel. We look for the long weekends or holidays of course para di affected work schedules. I suggested that Marinduque must be included in backpacking gala. Ma'am Odhie suggested Mindoro to be also included and among other destinations. In 3 months of planning and browsing of our possible IT's, the group decided that the travel shall be on Holy week and Marinduque is the right place to be because of Moriones Festival and Lenten Season there is somewhat festive compare to other parts of the country. Mindoro is not included anymore since the upcoming S.M.I.L.E. (SMB In Live Experience, out group's outreach activity) will be held there.

Sadly, weeks before the day of departure, some weren't able to go.  It is only Me, Jann and my younger  brother Paul who pushed through.

March 27, 2013 Date of Departure....Eto yung mga oras na ayaw ko na talaga mgtrabaho, naghahabol ng trip ng PNR at dahil di pa rin ako ngpapack...hihihi! Very Good!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Why am i doing this?

                                                                                                 Reasons Why I Travel...

...I travel to read each and every pages of this world we are living in
...I travel to experience various cultures and traditions
...I travel to eat local delicacies
...I travel for learning
...I travel because of my curiosity
...I travel to divert my usual activities
...I travel to relax
...I travel to escape

Reasons Why I Climb Mountains....


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