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Monday, August 19, 2013

Simple Joys

It was 8th day of August 2013, the day before the holiday in celebration of Eid'l Fitr (our muslim brothers' celebration), 'was 5 PM then and I hurriedly left the office. I was excited for that day to end because of the long weekend. My excitement has nothing to do with another travel escape but for me to enjoy being at home for at least that weekend (homebody mode!!!...hehehe).
 As I was about to pay my ticket, I saw a post placed on top of the ticketing counter at Philippine National Railways (PNR) Magallanes station. Written on it was the quote "Smile ka rin. Konti lang". Upon seeing it, a smile flashed on my face and it suddenly reminded me of the fast food restaurant commercial using that lines. The one with siblings (an older brother with down syndrome and his younger brother) talking about their crush while eating. That really made my day!

Photo credits to Facebook
At first I was hesitant to take picture of it because there were lot of passengers buying ticket that time. But then, I made excuse to all buyers and asked the cashier if  I could take photos of it and he allowed me without any little doubt plus a smile. I immediately get my phone and there I have the picture.
At about 5: 30 PM, the train arrived and I immediately hopped inside it.  The quotes lingered on my thoughts as I travel heading home and I started to realized things based on that commercial. Questions were popping up on my mind. What really are things that brings simple joys to me?....At the same time, I found it a good starting topic for a new blog post.
But before I share my thoughts on this, I asked other people about their perception on simple joys they experienced. And what also bring them simple joys? Here they are:
Darwin Dumael A (my) Church Leader

He said:
"It is God, Lazy weekends, Certain people, Food, Movie marathon, Naruto Manga, Quezon province Cheesy chats with my crush. Hehe!"

Sheryline Apostol A travel and mountaineering buddy, a blogger
She said:
"Well generally, something that's well-thought of and genuinely came from someone's heart. Haha.
that's one aspect of it (receiving), but also
more importantly, if this joy is shared. Reading books in my corner the whole day; Receiving warm hugs; Eating the food cooked by my mom because I know she's especially prepared it for me; Seeing my cute nephew smile; Traveling with my true friends and family, getting lost and finally getting back. Generally something prodded with genuine care

Dewi Valientes A travel and mountaineering buddy, a fashion buff

She said:

"Seemingly simple question yet profound...I like playing with cats...eating pasta, reading a good book, musing with good music as i stroll around the streets...Bonding with friends. And most of all...when i know I've brought happiness to someone else. In my own simple way."
Arisse Tumandao A travel and mountaineering buddy, a blogger
She said:
"Madame.. A smile from a crush, a bucket list ticked off thru d help of a friend, expression of care and concern towards me, productive day. And d list goes on...."
Sir Takumi A travel and mountaineering buddy, a family man, a big brother
He said:

"To see a nice Car."

Karen Marquez A college buddy, an architect

She said:

"Having coffee with him while raining. Uhm, eating popcorn makes me happy, long walks while chatting makes me happy, yan n lng muna. Haha...."

Rizalie Mallari A travel and mountaineering buddy, an IT professional, a big sister

She said:
"Hahaha...well family...yung nakikitang kong masaya pamilya ko especially my parents, food, conversation wd frends, appreciation from others, watching good movies...very good delicious FOOD! Yummy!! hahahaha, watching kids, be with nature, basta a lot sir ehh, i smile kasi on simple things..."
Sir Aljie A family man, a travel and mountaineering buddy, an Engineer, a big brother

He said:

"Simple Joy = most meaningful and it is special. near to our heart. Being far away, I have a reason of being bias to say that, simple joy is being with your family and friends. sharing and sparing time together in whatever scenario/ moments leads you. What's important is you made that moment meaningful and it does brings you Joy.
Paul Abordo A travel and mountaineering buddy, a big brother

He said:

"Simple joys are those that are free from anything desired or lusted, it just comes at the precise moment in the universe."

Well for me, simple joy is something what I experienced on the train station. Thing that made other people smile. I know in that little way a lot of people is benefited. It's not obvious that seeing my family everyday is my daily simple joys. Reading other blogs and when my blog post is being read and appreciated. Mingling with nature. Hearing positive news. Seeing a beautiful artworks (specifically architecture and visual arts) What else?, talking with people and making friends. Di halata no? That's it!
That commercial ads simply showed that we have lot of things to smile with. We can find it in simple ways. Just see things in bigger and wider perspective and value it no matter how big or small it is. Whether it is materials, person or emotions and experiences. They are our SIMPLE JOYS!



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