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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sacred Well of Caysasay

 Lies on the hidden area of the Caysasay Church vicinity is the well also known as the miraculous well of Sta. Lucia. This 16th century old altar/retablo look structure was still on the sturdy condition over the hundred years of its existence. The bass relief on its uppermost  façade would definitely amaze its visitors. It resembles in some part the Indian Hindu architecture because of it relief. If not with Mary figure, you will really find it like an ancient temple.

The well was believed to be the place where the carved image of Mary from the church was found when it was lost. That is why spring that flowing to it was said to be sacred. Pilgrims flocked in the place to receive healing.

 The well was surrounded by greens that made the place solemn and quiet. The pilgrims would definitely feel spiritual encounter into this kind of settings.

 The Bass relief of the structure showing image of Mary.

One of the local told us that in order to attain outright healing, pilgrims must know the right procedure. He mentioned that the left well is for the lower body and the right well is for the head. He also said that the water can also be drank.

 How to get there:


If you'll be coming from Taal Basilica, take the M.H. Agoncillo Street and turn right in Goco House area.

M.H. Agoncillo Street

 Goco House

In front of Goco House, You'll see a statue of Gliceria Marella de Villavicencio, she served the katipuneros during the revolution on 1896.

Just beside the statue is the entry archway of a Barangay.

Go straight from the archway until you reach the San Lorenzo Ruiz Steps.

San Lorenzo Ruiz Steps Arch

This old stairway will lead you to the Caysasay vicinity, but getting in to the well, you just go to the last landing.


From the last landing you turn right to an alley to a residential area.


Right there at the alley you must see this golden classical "Poso" a manual water pump. It is not functional just serve a display.

Go straight on the path until you reach the lush vegetation in the area.

And you're there in the sacred well of St. Lucia of Caysasay.


Visiting the heritage town of Taal must always include a drop by into the well and the Church of Caysasay. Everyone must be cautious on the area going to the well and be alert that you might encountered wild creature (i.e. snakes) and respect the calmness of the area.

This travel happened on August 4, 2013 after my mountaineering org anniversary in Calaca. I had the tour with an outdoor buddy Adrian from his Batangas tour.

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