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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Alta Vista de Boracay: Island Luxury Experience on the Heights

Continuation of my June 2013 Boracay getaway blog series....

After almost 10 hours of sea travel, which seems like a glimpse, we finally reached Caticlan Port. 

The first moment that I set my foot on one of Visayas' largest island, Panay, on Caticlan Jetty Port.

Above is the photo of the ferry that bring tourists in the island.

As soon as we arrived in Caticlan Jetty Port at 6AM, we were welcomed by one of the hotel staff to lead us in our ferry ride sailing to the island. It made me more excited and can't help to see for the first time the most popular island in the country. 

We immediately boarded on the ferry. It was full. Tourist of different nationalities were on the same ferry. Korean, chinese and caucasian man were on board. Truly, Boracay was flocked by tourist, a milking cow of our tourism industry. 

After 15 minutes, we were on the island already. Just from the port itself, the island could really excites its visitors. Turquoise blue water would welcome you initially. On my thoughts, I was thinking, "how much more if we reach the main beach?!!" My excitement was bursting!  I cant wait the moment to feel the powdery sand on my feet.

At the port of Boracay Island

And from the port, there was a shuttle waiting for us that will transfer us in the hotel. Yeah bah!!! I felt like we are really VIP, though i knew it is part of the hotel's service. We then hopped to the vehicles and made our way to hotel right away!! Feeling excited!!! Sabi nga  nung isa kong officemate...Excited much!!!

DMCI Homes is a real state developer, developing subdivisions and condominiums inside and out of the metro. But, I never thought in the first place that it has also a hotel operations, condotel actually in Boracay. Alta Vista de Boracay has 17 buildings and 503 room accommodations.

The trip took about 15 minutes from the port area, Yes! that was bit far but this is bright side of Alta Vista , a little far from the main beach but expect the tranquil ambiance and serenity of the place which I thought that Boracay didn't have.

Main landmark of the hotel located along the road of Brgy. Yapak.

From the lobby we were warmly welcomed by the staff wearing their sweet smile then offered us a juice to drink.

The Hotel Lobby 

Just from the lobby, the architectural design of the hotel will really entice you. From a passive cooling design up to the daylight embracing spacious area. Added into it is the infinity pool beside it. It was teasing me to jump on it but I succeeded to calm down my self and beside we just arrived. I might made a scene if I dive into it. The lobby offers 180 degrees view of the low lying areas of hotels, some of the forested green hills and the far background of sea and blue sky. That was really astounding!! Take note the lobby has also WIFI access so the visitors could connect on the web, check mails and shout status on social networking site.

AVB's infinity pool

I love the main color of the hotel, mostly dominated by earth color, a DMCI Project signature. It rigorously blend in the surrounding given that the hotel is nestled on a hill. The architecture of the building suits on the tropical weather of the country. It has overlooking verandas/balcony that offers nice view. It has spacious and high ceiling. Aside from that, each rooms' balcony controls the entry of sunlight that may generate heat gain inside the spaces and just enough width of the eaves. The landscape and vegetation also become a cosmetic that enhances the entire vicinity.

At the hotel infinity pool

View of hotel buildings from the pool area.
View from Riji Building's Hallway

Our first glimpse of the room. The units are no typical room like any other hotel rooms because it has its own kitchen knowing that it is a condominium-hotel. We checked in at about 9AM. We are 4 in the rooms at Riji building, Me, Mark, Paul and Frank. A loft type bed was assigned to me. 

At the right, that was my bed for my 2 nights luxury experience.

Because our room has loft, it has a high ceiling that made the room so big and very spacious.
Everyone was full with excitement. I quickly unloaded my things and put everything outside my backpack so that I could pick the one that I would be needing. I didn't change my attire at all. After all our things were set and done, we hurriedly went down for our breakfast meal. And there, our big boss was waiting for us, fresh from his flight from Manila. We had our meal of chicken adobo, sunny side up egg and sausage. Hmmmppp..... Bumawi ako  for the lesser dinner I ate the last night in 2Go.
Madami akong nakain!

I found the toilet a little typical specifically in our room, (white floor and wall tiles with brown granite countertop and cabinet) except that it has bath tub but definitely it was clean and well maintained. I was supposed to try it but we had limited time to soak ourselves. We must proceed to our itineraries quickly and has no way to waste time.

Trivia: The buildings of AVB is named after highest peaks of the world.

Don't you feel the calmness of the place??? The picture above would show that. Roadway to our hotel room building -- Riji

At rotunda, background is the reception and lobby building.

Reception and Lobby building

Aerial shot of the entire hotel development.

This was the saddest part that I saw in Boracay, development were elsewhere. That huge greenery were turned into a dessert-like landscape and will soon be developed by another hotel developer (better not to mention), said it will be a mini-city, a complex whatever!! This is a current eye sore views from our hotel.

On the same day, the most awaited finals of NBA was on going. We spent our time watching it while waiting for the day's activity (lunch at PUKA beach and team building) and made a bet who'll win this season's finals, Sadly, I lost on the bet.

It was almost 12NN when the game was over. Miami had their back to back win. I lost a hundred bucks for the bet (nabawasan yung pampasalubonng ko.. That sucks!). After that, we then proceed to hotel lobby where a shuttle service was waiting that brought us to Puka Beach. Yes, the very known virgin beach of Boracay. For your thoughts, Boracay has still its almost untouched beach and AVB is very accessible to it.

The white sand welcomed us when we got there. The water seems like a big swimming pool and that made everyone more excited. But before we plunge into the water of the very quiet Puka Beach, we ate first our hefty lunch right there on the beach shore.

Our lunch setup was a boodle fight. Foods were placed on banana leaves laid on the long table. Roast pork, mussles, crabs, shrimps were like unlimited, you can eat all you can! For desserts, tropical fruits were prepared and orange juice for the drinks. I got bumpier after that lunch meal.

Yeah, mouth-watering huh? The food suits to the place! Beachy!

After that sumptuous meal, it's beach time. We soaked ourselves on the blue water of the sea. The beach was so peaceful. There were very few numbers of people there that you could strip down your self freely without being conscious. The weather was also good that afternoon, not so sunny just enough to have a tan line on our skin. 

At about 2PM, our team building was held. We did some team challenges and competitions. FYI, the AVB hosted this kind of activity for their corporate clients. Back to track, Yeabah! The group where I am in won into that activity. We spent our next 2 hours swimming and playing beach volleyball with some foreign tourists plus munched meriendas prepared by the hotel. It drizzled when the activity was over so the group decided to go back to the hotel.

1,2,3 Pose!!!....

An hour or two, we went back to our hotel room and fixed our selves up for our later dinner. This time, we ate our dinner at the D'Mall (commercial center of Boracay) along the main beach of the island. Going to the main beach and D'Mall is worry free for AVB guests. The hotel provided shuttle services starting from 8:00 AM up until 12 MN.

We had our dinner in an Italian restaurant. Don Vito Ristorante (I'll make a separate post for this.)We have a meal of meat and fish menus. And for us to experience night life in the island, we went to Paraw, a bar and disco. There, we imbibed bottles of beer and danced on the establishment's dance floor. Boracay's night life was uncomparable to anywhere else in the country. The crowd was lively and really wild.

At 11 PM, we headed back to hotel. We had our sound sleep and excited for the next day activity, Banana boat riding and going to the main beach. (I'll post photos of it on the coming blogs)

Alta Vista de Boracay at night.

AVB has its food facilities for its guests who prefer to stay on the hotel rather going to D'Mall for eating. It is Alta Veranda. Initially, the hotel operated Alta Veranda but then gave it to consignee Inter Pro. The facility offers Asian, European and of course Filipino cuisines. We tried their sea food menus and some Filipino dishes as kare kare, sinigang na hipon, lumpiang sariwa and salads.

Alta Veranda offers an open air set up and its customer will enjoy the overlooking views on the nearby low lying grounds (minus the on-going development I said earlier).

Boracay has always been on my travel bucket list but I didn't expect that I have experienced it early and with very less expenses. Moreover, I have it, I may say in a bit luxurious way. Thanks to my company who'd let me have my Boracay trip somewhat memorable and Alta Vista de Boracay being my accommodation. I would definitely would love to go back with my family soon. Our stay in Boracay is brief . Bitin talaga! But indeed it was an Island luxury experience on the heights!

For inquiries and further information, you may visit Alta Vista de Boracay website
Address at Brgy. Yapak, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines 5608
Phone Number +632-403-2672

This is my official entry in Pinoy Travel Blogger Carnival for the Month of October, with the theme My Favorite Room, hosted by Eileen Campos of The Super Tourists. 

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  1. Alta Vista de Boracay! This hotel in boracay is located perfectly on the quiet and peaceful side of Boracay, recommended to people who wants to relax at the same time avoid the busy crowd..

  2. Indeed Kit. If you are looking a serene and quiet hotel accomodation in Boracay, AVB is highly recommended! Thanks Kit for dropping by!

  3. Yes Sir P.A.! AVB, I believe, one of the best hotels in Boracay! Thanks for visiting and comment! A great pleasure! See you on the road sir!

  4. Hi, nice photos. Was lunch organised by AVB including tables and food or was food arranged by you from elsewhere?

  5. Hi, Nice blog. Your trip looks awesome. Luxury in island hotels is very necessary.there are many hotels around many holiday destinations around world.
    thanks for your information

  6. Awesome post and the food looks so delicious! Take a look at my favourite Filipino dishes.

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  8. Hi, thanks for your blog, it gave me confidence booking Alta Vista. Would you mind sharing how much the filipino food cost, like price range?



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