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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Guimbal Church | A Photoblog

Cabatuan Church | Bricky and Bulky

CABATUAN, Iloilo -- The Town of Cabatuan was the last town I visited when I had my Iloilo Tour along with Sir Estan Cabigas of Langyaw. It was already dusk and the sun have set already when we reached the town. This sleepy town turns into a gathering place specially the plaza area in front of the church as I saw bunch of locals around. My priority was to visit the town for its colossal church which never failed to amazed me at the moment I glanced on it. It is indeed massive especially the symmetrical bell towers that was clad by red bricks. 

Calinog Church

Lambunao Church | On Balance and Symmetry

The Town of Lambunao was the second town we visited after Calinog. This is for my visita iglesia, together with Sir Estan Cabigas of Langyaw.

I haven't have a thorough research 'bout the Town of Lambunao on the time we visited there. Might have due to limited time.  But according to little information gathered, the town is consider as the Summer Capital of Iloilo because of its location on higher ground nearing the mountains of the north. It is also said that the town is haven of numerous waterfalls to explore and hidden lakes as they call it "Tinagong Dagat". I remember that a church staff mentioned to us its whereabouts and lead us to a painting of it done on portion of wall of church's hall. Only if we had so much time to explore this wonders thus, it gave us reason to go back there primarily for it.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Santa Barbara Church | The Reach of Spanish-Moorish Style Influence


Guimaras Mango Pizza and Pasta

Known for its dubbed as sweetest mango on earth, Guimaras Province have genuinely utilizes its major product into a popular Italian food with a twist. As for my self, 'can't even believe that using mango fruit as main flavour would taste that really good--- for a pasta and pizza.

Monday, February 10, 2014

San Joaquin Church | A Military Themed Church

After our visit in Miag-ao Church, we decided to go further to visit the far-flung town of San Joaquin primarily for its Grand Baroque Old Cemetery. San Joaquin was the last town in southeastern part of  Iloilo Province. After it, you're already in the Province of Antique. Though you will have a long travel to reach this sleepy town, it has much to offer to its visitor whether by nature, food, festivities and tracing back its rich history. Basically, its church would tell the  old days of the charming town.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Jaro Church | Male Saints Domination

JARO District, Iloilo City -- After four long hours of travel from Kalibo Airport, I finally reached the charming cosmopolitan of Panay Island. My travel buddy Ad and I were agreed to meet in Jaro as it was the nearest place for both of us. He came in Iloilo City a day ahead of me. This trip was materialize primarily to witness Dinagyang Festival after it caught my interest to experience it firsthand when they performed in Aliwan Fiesta and bagged the grand prize. Jaro Church was the first that welcomed me and as if warmly greeted me along with its separate soaring bell tower across the street. And just from that moment, I presumed that this trip will be surely terrific. 

Chasing Sunset | A Poem

Chasing Sunset
by Galaero 

Miag-ao Church | A UNESCO World Heritage Site

MIAG-AO, Iloilo -- It never crosses my mind that I could see Sto.Tomas de Villanueva Church or the Miao-ao Church the soonest as this. This is the remaining among UNESCO Heritage Churches in the country that I haven't seen yet. So when I booked my flight to Iloilo City to watch Dinagyang Festival at first hand, I surely included  this heritage site in my itineraries. (To be continued...)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Janiuay Cemetery | Ilongos' Value for the Departed and Artistry

Just like San Joaquin Cemetery and among other historical sites of Iloilo, Janiuay Cemetery can also be found along the main road. For numbers Ilonggos, the town of Janiuay is connoted with its grand Filipino-Hispano cemetery. This cemetery became part of the diverse Spanish colonial sites of this history-rich province.

Cabatuan Cemetery | Striving the Modern Times

My fascination on colonial cemeteries grows out more when I had my tour in Iloilo. Cabatuan was the last town I visited during my stay there and its aged cemetery was my last stop. The daylight  was starting to hide and darkness is prevailing fast when we reached this heritage marvel. 

Cabatuan cemetery was built with the leadership of Fr. Juan Porras and was inaugurated on February 4, 1894. It is the only cemetery in the Philippines that has perfect square and is enclosed on all four sides with intricately-designed steel railing.

San Joaquin Cemetery | Grandeur and Beyond

Heritage tour in the Province of Iloilo shall not only include churches and ancestral houses but also colonial cemeteries dated back in Spanish occupation. And one of these is San Joaquin Cemetery. 

Built in 1892, the Campo Santo of Town of San Joaquin, one of the Iloilo's farthest town, have catered deads of the province for more than a century.


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