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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Heritage Cemeteries to Visit in the Philippines.

Sagada's hanging coffins (c) Arnie Iambuchock
The value to our departed love ones have been rooted long before the Philippines was colonized by Spain. It goes back during the pre-hispanic period where the departed members of the family were given great honor because of our ancestor's belief of afterlife.
Thus, the tradition of burying dead varies on different regions. One best example is the hanging coffins of Sagada, for the reason of bringing the bodies higher up closer to their ancestral spirits of gods. This practice continues up to this day but now in smaller scales. Then spanish changed our old tradition steadily that paved ways in creating grave sites.

In early times, the dead Catholic were buried within the church vicinity but not until the dramatic increase of population that requires larger space of internment. That system were the one we were following currently.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

PH among the Top 10 Countries to travel in 2015

MAKATI, Philippines -- It is just overwhelming that again our country is included in must visit destination for the coming year 2015 according to Lonely Planet. They come up with the list of top cities, regions and countries. 

Topped on the list are Singapore for countries, Washington DC for cities, Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey for regions. These were on the Lonely Planets latest feature, "Best Travel for 2015" --- these were chosen for its "topicality, unique experience and wow factor". And being ranked 8th for country category is a big achievement for us. As the travel site start up attribute to the country mentioned,
"The Philippines 7100+ islands have dive-tastic coral reefs, sunbathe-ready white sands, swaying palm trees and nipa-palm thatched huts. Plus in 2015 the government is laying on all sorts of special events to raise the profile of the archipelago. And if there’s one thing Filipinos know how to do, it’s party – expect street parades, food festivals, sports tournaments and live music. Now that Philippine Airlines has gained approval for direct flights to Europe, America and Australia, why wait?"
So what could we expect for the next year? Flocks of tourists will definitely come. The authority, DOT, shall prepare for the arrival of tourist and let us show them the the genuine Filipino hospitality and the true sense of our tourism slogan, "IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES

Here are the complete list per category.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

SHUTTER SNAPS: Manila Bay and CCP Complex

MANILA, Philippines -- I was scheduled to join the sketching session of my newly discovered artist group, Urban Sketchers-Philippines. The event was held in Manila-Pasay area so I knew there would be something good to capture and to click my cam with. It's the country's scenic and historic Manila Bay. Mind not the foul smell of the seawater just focus on the picture of the location. Hehehe! So, here is what my buddy Pent's shutter got snapped. The bay from daylight-to-dusk-to-night. I'm liking the night shots! 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Urban Sketchers | Caught Again By My First Love

(c) Urban Sketchers Philippines
 MANILA, Philippines -- Again, I was back in by beloved Manila City for my involvement  to Urban Sketchers Philippines for the first time. Hahaha! Another network and something to engage with whenever boredom hit me. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Alibijaban Series [Post 6] : Island Fiesta Night | Galaero Travel Rule, Act Like Local, Party Like a Local

These islanders really know how to party! Here how it went that fiesta night. Party animals! 😁🎵🎶

Alibijaban Series [Post 5] : Around the Island

Sunset in the island
In that afternoon of my first day in the island, I excitedly asked for assistance of somebody to tour me in interesting areas around the island. Two kiddos volunteered to accompany me in what they call "Farm". They are Micheal who is a nephew of Ate Nelly and his friend John Mark. We left right after our lunch. From that first meal that I have in the island, I initially felt my host's generosity. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Alibijaban Series [Post 3] : Appreciating of What I Have

After parting time with Kuya Goody, it took one more hour of travel from San Narciso then I finally arrived at San Andres. I was in the town proper at 12 midnight. The town was in the deep slumber. There were no locals around except the bus station crew and the driver of the bus. I don't know where to stay over the night. Beside, I ain't prepared for this. I have not researched accommodation place within the town so as I asked the crew, they don't even have the idea. I have no option but to spent the darkness somewhere. 

Alibijaban Series [Post 2] : From Total Stranger to a Life-long Friend

This trip allowed me to meet a life-long friend.....

We were in Pagbilao area already (I assumed) when I noticed a seemingly amiable man talking to everyone as if he knows everybody inside the bus. To be honest, it annoys me a bit every time I see a "feeling-close-person". But by observing this man, I knew he is different. I find him just truly friendly and nothing else, just that. I don't know. Maybe I felt his sincerity in every talks he had to all the passengers. So when a chance came, when one of the passengers boarded off, I sat beside him. 


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