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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Alibijaban Series [Post 3] : Appreciating of What I Have

After parting time with Kuya Goody, it took one more hour of travel from San Narciso then I finally arrived at San Andres. I was in the town proper at 12 midnight. The town was in the deep slumber. There were no locals around except the bus station crew and the driver of the bus. I don't know where to stay over the night. Beside, I ain't prepared for this. I have not researched accommodation place within the town so as I asked the crew, they don't even have the idea. I have no option but to spent the darkness somewhere. 

That worrisome look of mine was discerned by this goodhearted driver. He offered me to remain inside the bus to sleep with them. Yes, these buses were use as their bed after every trips, a temporary abode to take rest their weaken body.

Even if it's a little uneasy to sleep inside the bus because it was hot and the silence was broke by murmuring mosquitoes in chorus ready for a feast, it wasn't bad at all! I appreciate what I have that time. On my thought, it is better than none!

What mostly important was I have a roof to cover me for that night.

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