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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

2Go Travels on the go

Featuring our mode of transportation, I think is the best way to begin relating to you guys our Boracay trip last June 2013.
Pink  (fuscia, magenta whatever) is the colour that usually connotes to feminism or anything that is associated to it.
But who would have think that it would fit to the flagship colour or the motif of a Shipping line, 2Go Travels.

Dared and determined to redefine the usual trend of water transport system, this ship line has launched a very improved water transport dominated by girly ambience. The passenger ship line is manage by Negros Navigation who consider the leading and largest ferry company in the Philippines with its main hub located in Eva Macapagal Super Terminal in Pier 15 in the Manila South Harbor.
On the first time I heard about 2Go, I thought it was only a logistic company. But on the days before our Boracay trip, when we are fixing our company outing, I learned that they are now operating trips and one of these is the route to paradise Island of Boracay. It’s been a long way before we end up to an organised excursion and we opted 2Go ships to be our first mode of transfer heading to the island. (Aside from having limited budget for transportation, some of our officemates want to experience sailing and ride on a ship)

Here, get a peek of the ship St. Augustine of Hippo from the following photos.
Batangas International Port, is one of the port of call where 2Go ships are docking. There are two fleets in the port one is going to Romblon Island and the other is the Caticlan route. We left the Batangas Port at 9PM and thanks God that He gave us a smooth sail. The waves were slapping the ship's wall but it is tolerable.

Alta Vista de Boracay: Island Luxury Experience on the Heights

Continuation of my June 2013 Boracay getaway blog series....

After almost 10 hours of sea travel, which seems like a glimpse, we finally reached Caticlan Port. 

The first moment that I set my foot on one of Visayas' largest island, Panay, on Caticlan Jetty Port.

Sumilon Island | Delving Cebu Day 3 Random Shots

Traversing Osmena Peak To Kawasan Falls | The Zombiefying Trek, Delving Cebu Day 2

My first climb in Cebu has not gave us a perfect view because of the foggy surroundings that almost covered the entire scene. Lucky us, that in quite moment, these rugged peaks of Cebu, the highest probably, showed up. If not, we'll left the place with little disappoinment.

After more than an hour of stay at the peak and some photo shoots, our leg-breaking adventure, a Kawasan Falls traverse has started. We descended on foggy trails and passed through the vegetable farms of Mantalongon.

The fog almost blinded us that we couldn't see the trail and far back drop but only the few diameters of our sight.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mt. Tagapo Day Hike: Gauging the Peak of Bamboo Island

 I spent my sunday on mountain again since the last climb in Osmena Peak in Dalaguete, Cebu. This time, I climbed not with my mountaineering group SMB Mountaineers but with the new crowd. Organized by Ivan Cultura, a.k.a Batang Lakwatsero (name of his blog site featuring mountains here in the Philippines) we explored the mountain located in the verdant Island of Talim, Binangonan, Rizal Province, known as Mt. Tagapo.

Dated on 14th of July, we met up at 5AM in Chowking Restaurant nestled in a Shopping Mall along EDSA corner Shaw Boulevard. The group were composed of 16 mountaineers. Others were freelance outdoor enthusiast and some have their own group also like me. It feels good to meet new people with same passion as mine, thus, my network would extend and got new circle of outdoor buddies. (sigurado dadami na naman lakwatsa ko nito!!)

When everyone has arrived and confirmed the number of attendees, at 6AM we immediately rode jeepney routing to Binangonan Port (P39 for jeepney fare)  and arrived there at about 8AM.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Osmena Peak: Delving Cebu Day 2

If Bohol has its "Chocolate hills"- scattered conical thousand mounds that turn brown during dry season, hence the name, Cebu has also  its jaw dropping geological formation-- The "Osmena Peak". 

Strategically located in Mantalongon, Dalaquete, (pronounce as da-la-get)  one of southern town of Cebu, this must visit natural wonder is consider the highest in the province. 1040 MASL according to my watch altimeter. The town itself signifies the role as the vegetable basket of Cebu.  


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