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Monday, March 30, 2015

SHUTTER SNAPS | Old Manila on B&W

INTRAMUROS, Manila City -- No matter how frequent I do photowalk in Manila, it never dissapppoint me to capture nice pictures. Just yesterday, I did my first all B&W shots around the "Walled City" before I attended my first Photoworld Cup participation along with Team Juan Makasining Photographers. Seeing my shots seems like street photography must be my thing. I'm loving photography even more. Thanks to TJM for sharing your time and knowledge with me.

Friday, March 20, 2015

SHUTTER SNAPS | PASINAYA 2015, Celebration for the Love of Art

PASAY CITY, Philippines -- The month of February is not only synonymous to love month but also a celebration of arts in the country. Exhibits and events showcasing local arts in various discipline (music, visual, performing, and cultural arts) is being showcased across the country. PASINAYA Festival is just among those festivities to promote local arts in the country. 

Team Juan Makasining (TJM), my newly found art club, photography specifically joined this red letter event held in CCP Complex in Pasay City. We've joined photo contest, my first ever competition. Geeezz!! ;-) The photos below are my favorites and some of those were my entries in the said contest.

Friday, February 13, 2015

SHUTTER SNAPS | Islas de Gigantes and Roxas City Panoramic Shots

Enroute to Gigantes Group of Island. At Estancia Port.
I only see those postcard perfect shots of Gigantes Group Islands on travel blogs, online search engines and tourism posters of DOT when I had my Iloilo Trip last year prior to Dinagyang Festival. So when, a travel blogger Sir Mike of Travelling Panda posted an invitation going to Gigantes, with no doubt at all, I joined the event and searched right away a flight bound to Panay Island. It was month of June when I got a sure slot to the event as I already booked a flight to Kalibo International Airport. Yes, you read it right. My flight is bound to Kalibo. Me too was also wondering why I chose that route. It might have due to excitement that I forgot to check the easiest route. 

Time fly so fast and after the quick 8 months, this dream destination finally materialized. This must be a good start up to welcome my summer. And what I saw with my very eyes was just an amazing piece of nature and seems surreal. Here's the collection of panoramic photos I captured in that entire travel escapes. Mabubusog ang inyong mga mata tiyak! 

Friday, January 2, 2015

SHUTTER SNAPS: Manila By Night

MANILA, Philippines -- It was my last photo walk for the year 2014. The event was organized by "Powerhouse G5" (PhG5). I was able to shoot decent night scenes around my favorite city through the help of some pro-photographers I was with -- the TROPANG ARTISTIKO. Sir Bert Briones, one of the member gave me some tips and techniques. And here are the fruits of what he taught me. Kudos to these idols! More photography know-how to come! Now I'm aiming for a new lens and upgraded camera model for better captures. 



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