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Monday, September 30, 2013

Intramuros Pasyal Sunday

Imagine the city or a busy street without cars passing by. Unusual isn't it? But this was made possible on a street of the Walled City of Intramuros -- Gen. Luna Street which is adjacent to the Oldest Baroque Church in the Philippines -- San Agustine Church.

That car-less street was conjuncted in celebration of "International Car-Free Day, Intramuros Pasyal Sunday was brought by Intramuros Administration, Manila Bulletin, and the Manila Collectibles.

National Museum of the Philippines [New Galleries]

To be able to have brief knowledge of such country, city, town or any place, a visit in the museum 
.........must include in travelers' destination. It gives a quick glimpse of history and cultural background 

Above was the Old Legislative Building and now serve as the "The National Art Gallery".

In celebration of "Museum and Gallery Month", the National Museum of the Philippines has opened its door for free. This will be free in the entire month of October including all the provincial branches. In Manila, there were two neo-classical government building was now converted into main museum. One is the Old Legislative Building which is now "The National Art Gallery". All the artworks like paintings, mural and sculptures made by our notable art genius (by Luna, Amorsolo, Hidalgo, Tolentino and among others) were well kept and preserved there.  The second one is the former Finance Building that now serves as the "Museum of the Filipino People". It houses cultural artifacts and collections unearthed by both foreign and local anthropologist.  

Paco Park and Cemetery | Serving Life's Two Destinations

Among the historical sites in Manila, Paco Cemetery/Park must be the most accessible in our house. It's just one jeepney ride away from home. In about 15 minutes, I could be in the park already. Although it is very much accessible in my place,  I just reached it last June of this year and the second time was this month of September. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Barasoain Church Revisited

"Find the Cat." That was we're larking about when we still have the old 10 Peso bill made from paper. And please don't tell me you never did it or ever heard about it? That moment, we were eager to locate it and see if the animal was really there. Man, I honestly did that. But the truth is, there was no cat in the picture but a part of the church's façade mouldings. It just happened that it looks like a cat.

For the second time, I got the chance to take a peek again on the historical landmark after fifteen years. I was in the 3rd grade when the last time that I saw it with my bare eyes. It was part of the itineraries of our educational trip. We all know that in history record this edifice served significant roles not just in the Province of Bulacan but in the entire country.

The church was our first destination when we have our Malolos' Singkaban Festival.  Over the years, the church remain beautiful. Unlike any other old structure that went through rehabilitation, the rustic looks of the façade was preserved though modern times has reached it.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Caratig | Jeepney's Little Brother

A certain place become a distinct destination by its tourist spots, delicacies, culture and tradition. Hence, what makes a locality also unique is their mode of transportation.
If some locations of Visayas and Mindanao, have their habal habal, while Zamboanga has vintas and in the old city of Intramuros are roaming Calesas, the City of Malolos has their Jeepney! Yes a jeepney but not the ordinary one. It is a smaller version of the regular jeepey -- A Caratig.
This 10-seater (5 on both side) local bus has route going to Barasoain Church proper and to the town center. It served as our main conveying vehicle when we had our tour around the City of Malolos.  

Minimun fare is same as the regular jeepney--P8.00

So when you visit Malolos, surely you'll get the chance to ride on it.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

St. Joseph the Worker Parish | SJDM, Bulacan

The fact that Bulacan has shared a significant role in our country most especially on colonial time. Perhaps, as one of the earliest province in Central Luzon, concentration of historic site is indeed diverse. Just like its neighboring provinces, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and among others, the province houses numbers of old structures. Churches must be the best example.

Aside from Barasaoin, the infamous Church which was once placed in an old version 10 peso bill, Bulacan has more old worship building. And one is located in San Jose Del Monte.-- The Saint Joseph the worker Parish.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bulacan Food Munch and Pasalubong

Traveling must always include food munching galore. It is a way to treat ourselves after an exhausting trip and to try the local delicacies. It is also a way to discover the best restaurant in the place and recommend it to other travellers.

In our Bulacan escapade, we never missed to try the local menus that is offered in popular eateries, might as well the pocket and taste buds friendly eat destination.

Kubo sa Bayan, a Restaurant and Catering Service

One has to begin in SJDM, Bulacan. Found in the town proper is the "Kubo sa Bayan". It is across the street which is adjacent to church, beside the poblacion market. For assurance, you may ask the local where it is.

Said that it was featured in the travel show, "Biyahe ni Drew".  

Monday, September 16, 2013

Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto | Fruit of Great Faith and Healing

"If faith can move a mountain, let the mountain moves."....

The above line is just one of the few lyrics from  the Christian Song "Waiting here for you" which signifies huge amount of faith. And that was  what I witnessed when I had my Bulacan tour last Saturday with some of new found blogger friends.
It is like I was in a European Scene.

Singkaban Festival of Bulacan

The Province of Bulacan have shared a great role in our country's rich history. According to our history record, the first constitutional democracy was born there and held the First Philippine Republic in Malolos. Among all these are the long list contributions of the province  that are too many to mention.
Now, in the modern times, the province seems bit forgotten as prominent provinces in the country in terms of tourism. And in order to promote the provinces again and call tourists, both local or foreign, the Bulakenyos are working out to revive their tourism magnet and also to promote the local skills and Festivities.
And one of the annual festival held in Bulacan is the Singkaban Festival.

Singkaban stands for "Sining at Kalinangan ng Bulacan". It is a festival of arts and culture in honor of the capitols patron saint "Our Lady of Victory". The festival is celebrated every second week of September in which also aligned in celebration of "Linggo ng Bulakan".

The Bulakenyos are showcasing their traditional arts like "Balagtasan", and folk dance under the Singkaban Arches. Sigkaban arches are made of bamboo designed with slightly peeled top layer that made look fluffy and flowery like. The festival is also the emergence of various festivals in the province that took part on the street dance competition.

Official Logo of Singkaban Festival 2013. Photo credit to Provincial Government website of Bulacan

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sumilon Light House

The Philippines is consider as one of the largest archipelago in the world that is composed of 7,107 islands (said to be more during low tide). And due to archipelagic location, sea navigation is the major transport system in the country to transfer its citizen from island to island. Thus, it houses numerous harbours to cater the local and foreign mariners.

Aside from harbours and ports, our country has numbers of lighthouses that served as navigation aid for maritime pilots and its sea farer most likely during the early times. But due to modernization and high expense to its maintenance, the operation of lighthouses has declined and started to become a dilapidated stone and historical landmark.

Our trip in Cebu gave me the chance to visit one of the province's light house. And for farola enthusiast out there, Cebu must be a drop by in your trip and be awed by its lighthouses.

Lies on the southern Cebu is the town of Oslob. It houses the verdant island of Sumilon. Not known to travellers and backpackers, aside  from Blue Water Resort, Sumilon has its well kept secret attraction--the lighthouse and Baluarte.


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