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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

2Go Travels on the go

Featuring our mode of transportation, I think is the best way to begin relating to you guys our Boracay trip last June 2013.
Pink  (fuscia, magenta whatever) is the colour that usually connotes to feminism or anything that is associated to it.
But who would have think that it would fit to the flagship colour or the motif of a Shipping line, 2Go Travels.

Dared and determined to redefine the usual trend of water transport system, this ship line has launched a very improved water transport dominated by girly ambience. The passenger ship line is manage by Negros Navigation who consider the leading and largest ferry company in the Philippines with its main hub located in Eva Macapagal Super Terminal in Pier 15 in the Manila South Harbor.
On the first time I heard about 2Go, I thought it was only a logistic company. But on the days before our Boracay trip, when we are fixing our company outing, I learned that they are now operating trips and one of these is the route to paradise Island of Boracay. It’s been a long way before we end up to an organised excursion and we opted 2Go ships to be our first mode of transfer heading to the island. (Aside from having limited budget for transportation, some of our officemates want to experience sailing and ride on a ship)

Here, get a peek of the ship St. Augustine of Hippo from the following photos.
Batangas International Port, is one of the port of call where 2Go ships are docking. There are two fleets in the port one is going to Romblon Island and the other is the Caticlan route. We left the Batangas Port at 9PM and thanks God that He gave us a smooth sail. The waves were slapping the ship's wall but it is tolerable.

The Lobby

Sabi ko sa inyo pink na pink yung main colour nila!!!  Be welcomed by their polite and earnest staff in the information/reception desk.

Cozy and colourful lobby and lounge area where you can enjoy to sit and watch on the flat wide screen TV. 

The Accommodations

 This is our accommodation, CABIN, with 2 double decker bed while the other rooms has 3 double decker bed. It is also air-conditioned, with TV, linen, pillowcases and comfort room. If you really want privacy cabin accommodation can provide you.

The TOURIST accommodation. Located after the lobby, it offers an air-condition double decker bed in numbers. It has mattresses and pillows but have no linens. You have to request it with additional charges.

The MEGA VALUE accommodation. Located 2nd accommodation level. Offer a double decker bed with bare mattresses, non air condition but you can enjoy the blowing sea breeze.


The SUPERVALUE accommodation, The lowest priced, located in the uppermost level just beside the Bar and Deck Lounge, also a non-aircondition.

There other accommodation units, the STATE. It cosiest and most expensive room that 2Go Travels can offer. (Sorry, wala akong nakuhang picture nun!!!)

The Facilities


Horizon Café and Restaurant offers variety of mouth-watering menus and dishes.


For the CABIN and above priced accommodations, there is a package of 1 free meal.

For religious passengers who need a solemn place to pray, the ship has also this chapel to accommodate but for Christian patron only.

Its a good start up that the ship has its own party venue for bar and liquor drinker. The bar and lounge was placed at the upper most level of the ship, actually at the far end.

 It offer an open air lounges and a musical band to entertain the ship's passengers. 

 I stayed in the lounge bar while listening and watching the playing band. The band was good enough to entertain its spectators. They sang pop, ballad, alternative and even reggae music that really suits the ambience. Added into it is the very funny lead girl vocalist.

My mind and ears were still awake listening on the music but my eyes wanted to shut down. At 2AM, I decided to go down in the cabin and immediately rolled on my bed and few ours later, at 6AM, we arrived on Caticlan Port. The travel took 10 hours but that long time seems just like a glimpse maybe because we were entertained and had fun while sailing.
2Go Travels has definitely changed the image of sailing in the country by introducing  a very upgraded sea travel facilities. With it's hippy and colourful interiors , the passengers would feel a safe trip plus the warm and accommodating staff and the amenities and services they offer.

 I surely would love to go back and sail again with the ship probably that time with my family soon and explore the wonders of dubbed as one of the beautiful Island in the world, Boracay.

If you are traveling with less budget  (unless you booked for a promo air fare) and have extra time going Boracay then 2Go Travels best fit to your getaway - laid back, comfortable, safe and affordable. Enjoy the sunny beach of Boracay!!!
Take note that we got this for a promo that is why it cost less. Like airfare, 2Go Travels have their promos so wait for it and reserve right away.
For more info of 2Go Travels click the link below:


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  3. how about your valuable things is there any place to keep it?

    1. Hi Nanz, if you're in cabin, of course you have utmost privacy but if you got the bunk bed slot, like in any place keep attention to your belongings. I already have 2 trips with 2Go and everything was fine. No hassle Ibtell you. Happy travels! :-)



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