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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

SHUTTER SNAPS: Behind the Scenic Sunset of Manila Bay

MANILA, Philippines -- As picturesque as it looks, the truth behind the historic Manila Bay simply define our nation at the present time. It is far from its heyday and now suffering from gradual deterioration. But for Manilenyos, Manila Bay is more than just the astonishing sunset but a home that sheltered dozens of ill-fated souls wrecked on the brim of poverty. It is a source of life and a spring of hope. Congruently similar to an everyday city life -- tiresome, chaotic, muddled in frantic urban realm, right after the sunset, all is promised with another day. 











  1. Snapshots, haven't tried this though I already passed a thousand times near the Manila Bay. Indeed, beauty is everywhere just learn to appreciate things. :D Nice work brad.

    1. Seizing the inner portion of Manila will show what is real situation. From the boulevard, it was fine, majestic and astounding as the famous sunset of the bay entertains people. But deeper it is stinky, dirty and dying. However life is still surviving there. Homeless people are staying there and become a source of living as well. Anyways, oo ok din minsan pag snap shots, a sort of photoblog, no need to right long post. Hehehe! Thanks for the drop man! =)

  2. Waah so sad , ang dumi at daming basura



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