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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Alibijaban Series [Post 2] : From Total Stranger to a Life-long Friend

This trip allowed me to meet a life-long friend.....

We were in Pagbilao area already (I assumed) when I noticed a seemingly amiable man talking to everyone as if he knows everybody inside the bus. To be honest, it annoys me a bit every time I see a "feeling-close-person". But by observing this man, I knew he is different. I find him just truly friendly and nothing else, just that. I don't know. Maybe I felt his sincerity in every talks he had to all the passengers. So when a chance came, when one of the passengers boarded off, I sat beside him. 

 As what I expected, he was the one who initiated the talk. He introduced to me his self instantly and I did the same way. His name is Kuya Goody. I knew its just his nickname yet I didn't mind to ask his birth name because it doesn't matter at all. He asked where I am going and I mentioned that in Alibijaban Island

From that petty chat, it leads to sharing quite personal background about us. I learned that he is working in  a seminary in Lucena City, the province's capital, as a helper and he'll be attending a funeral of one of his relative in his hometown in San Narciso, a town before San Andres. We conversed further and learned a lot from him. He mentioned more destinations to explore in Bondoc Peninsula and most of all, he advised me some precautions of traveling around most likely in San Andres part. He is concerned about me and this is what I appreciated most. The fact that we just met and we were just building this friendship for the past hours is overwhelming. 

At the back of my mind, I was reminded the plus side of traveling. In our travels, it made possible to create genuine comradeship in a short period. Sometimes, strangers are worth trusting than people that surrounds us everyday. Maybe, we have to believe in them. Trust them at all cost. And sometimes, this candid-type of companionship is more worthy to be treasured, a life-long friend ought to have in our lifetime. 

That six-hour travel ended up seemingly like a glimpse. We already got to San Narciso which means that Kuya Goody will drop off. But before that we exchanged contact numbers for the sake of continuous friendship. We sent messages to each other until I reached the island. Up to this day as I wrote this, we still do "kumustahan". I hope I could meet him again when I have time to visit Lucena City. I hope...

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