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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pandan Grande Island | Amazed by Gentle Pawikans

SABLAYAN, Occidental Mindoro -- It was a fine morning when our outdoor group's summer getaway officially began. We proceeded to our first destination which is Pandan Grande Island. But before that, our excitement was hung for few minutes because my companion has to buy goods for our consumption and all we will be needing in the entire trip. That took for only a half-hour and then we were enroute to the island. 

I joined the first batch who came a day ahead. Kahit na humabol lang ako Hehehe! Naiwan kasi ng bus. While the other group came the next day. We tagged them the Sablay-an group. Peace! Hahaha!

Little did we know that just from first destination will be one of the highlight of our adventure.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

[Sponsored Post] Alfoncito Place | A Taste of Italian Cuisine in Summer Capital

There it goes!!! Summer season is fast approaching although kisses of cold breeze can still be felt because of the blow of Amihan (Northeast Monsoon). So, where else Filipinos would go during the hot season? None other but in the Summer Capital--BAGUIO CITY. This high altitude city offers refreshing ambience of merging nature and modern city living that made it distinct from other urban areas definitely because of its cold weather. It became a popular tourist spot locally for its numerous tourist destinations and the chance to experience diverse  Cordilleran culture.

And after the tour around in the city, hanging-out and food munching would be the best relief for your grumbling stomach and to regain the drained energy. So, let me suggest you a dining place where you can focus on your foodgasm --- it's Alfoncito's Place.


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