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Thursday, March 6, 2014

[Sponsored Post] Alfoncito Place | A Taste of Italian Cuisine in Summer Capital

There it goes!!! Summer season is fast approaching although kisses of cold breeze can still be felt because of the blow of Amihan (Northeast Monsoon). So, where else Filipinos would go during the hot season? None other but in the Summer Capital--BAGUIO CITY. This high altitude city offers refreshing ambience of merging nature and modern city living that made it distinct from other urban areas definitely because of its cold weather. It became a popular tourist spot locally for its numerous tourist destinations and the chance to experience diverse  Cordilleran culture.

And after the tour around in the city, hanging-out and food munching would be the best relief for your grumbling stomach and to regain the drained energy. So, let me suggest you a dining place where you can focus on your foodgasm --- it's Alfoncito's Place.

Alfoncito's Place is among the newest restaurant in Baguio City. Just opened on the 3rd quarter of 2013, it is now making its name on the list of must-go food itineraries in the city. Basically, it is a café serving pastas, pastries, hot and cold drinks.

Alfoncito's Place is a family owned restaurant café named after the Father of their family. They specializes Italian-inspired cuisine. But what initially caught my attention was its artsy-homey look of its interior set up. That doodlings on the wall was just so entertaining and has let my imagination rolled once more.


The remnants of Panagbenga Festival were still on-post which was in flower and butterfly theme. A lot of butterfly origami was hanging on the ceiling. More than these, the place will definitely give its guest an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is ideal for dating place, both casual and business meeting. So, when your there, it is not just he stomach that will get relief but also let you steal a silence of mind.

So sip sufficient water for the coming pictures will surely let your mouth waters. Here we go......

For appetizer, we began with Chicken Crostini. oven-baked bread with sliced chicken meat, freshly cut tomatoes, melted cheese and special additional dressing. It was laid on lettuce plating. The chicken meat was tender and the bread was just cooked right, not so soft not so toasted. Price is P100 which is good for two persons.

Cucumber Twist, Strawberry-oatmeal, Strawberry-banana shake.

Drinks were served on cold like fruit shakes and cocktail mix. I ordered Strawberry-Banana shake. It was my second strawberry-banana shake in that Food tour and I may say it surpassed the previous restaurant.

Strawberry-banana and Banana Oatmeal shake.
It was generously served with right amount of milk. Not too sweet and not too sour. Sweetness and sourness was balanced. And the taste of strawberries and bananas were still there plus the pulpy texture which means the fruit ingredients were fresh. Price is P130.
Hot choco and coffee drinks! Cheers!
Cucumber Twist, mix of water, cucumber, lemon and mint. P50 per cup order.
I also tasted other drinks that was served but I will my other companion on this tour who personally ordered those be the one to make a verdict.
Next is the Barbecue Pork Panini. Made up of wheat bread cut-off evenly and side-dished with vegetable green salad of lettuce, slice of carrots and among other fresh veggies. The sandwich was then pressed on hot grill that put toasted marks on its top. I may say that it was my favourite. Really!!! The crunchiness of bread and juiciness of meat patty left my tounge wanting more. The freshness of mix green salad was so perfect match. The serving would be good for two (who eat lesser) but more likely for single person. Price is P145.

Afterwards, served was Spaghetti Aglio e Olive. Among those we tasted, it was the simplest pasta dish. It is so plain yet delicious. Its main ingredient are garlic, dash of chili flakes and olive oil. It was partnered with toasted buttered bread and slices of cucumber. Price is P89 for solo and P155 for more servings.
And then came, Penne alla Bolognese. A Bolognese pasta on tomato sauce with roasted chicken on top, sided with sliced cucumber and a perfect match of a toasted bread sticks.. This was my second favourite next to Panini. The chicken meat on its top was cooked so good. The bite of rosemary taste enhanced the taste of the meat and the sauce. FYI, Alfoncito made their own tomato sauce from local tomato crop no wonder that you could taste its freshness. Price is P180 which is good for two person.
Last serving that I tasted was, Pasta al Pesto with Oven baked Herbed Chicken. I am not used to eat pesto and I may say that this my least favourite among pasta dishes. I just don't the strong taste of basil leaves. But for my verdict in Alfoncitos Al Pesto Pasta, It made me ate a couple strands of it. Hehehe! I could say it is good not so salty and garlicky. The basil flavour was not that strong that's why I liked it. Price is also P180 that is good for 2 person.

Sugar rush here we go...

For the dessert,  they served us with various types of crepe.

Apple Cinnamon Crepe was their newest additional dessert on their list.

Peaches and Cream Crepe . This is what I like most. Creamy yet not too sweet.

The Verdict: 5 star the highest

Presentation/plating: 4.5 stars
Servings: 5 stars
Freshness/State of Ingredients: 4.5 stars
Method of Preparation: 4.5 stars
Price: 5 stars

I will definitely would love to go back to try more of their menus. And I know in my return they will have new menus to offer.

Check out the menu and its prices.



Visit them at Lower Ground Floor, EDY Building, Kisad Road, Baguio City, Philippines


Menus are subject to some changes more likely on holidays and important day celebration like Valentines Day, Christmas and during Panagbenga Festival.

This is part of our Baguio Food Tour Blog Series of  2014. Check out for coming more posts.

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  2. On time bro :) Na Motivate ako na gumawa ng post lols :) Sarap ng pasta en refreshing drinks ng alfoncito's!

  3. I love their heallthy concoctions of oatmeal and fresh fruits. I also enjoyed their pasta al pesto :)

  4. Aww I feel like I missed something big by not trying their shakes =(



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