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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

[Sponsored Post] RASA PURA | Reach of Singaporean Staples in Baguio City

BAGUIO CITY, Benguet - The first time I've tasted Singaporean dish was when my boss treated me on my 25th birthday. And from that day on, I instantly love their dishes. Although  delicacies of this economic-tiger country can  now be tried these days, it is still rare on the Pinoy taste buds.

Makati and QC already have it in some locations but surprisingly, our brothers from the north can now experience Singaporean staple. Yes! The City of Pines have it and we were pleasured to savour among their menus before most Baguio City people does. It was in Rasa Pura Seafood Restaurant, which means "City of Taste". So, if your like craving for Singaporean ambience when your up north, you must have a visit in to this food facility.

The first branch was located at CM Recto corner Leonard Wood Road. Finding it would be easy because the building where it was nestled were the one dominating in the area due to its height. It was on a on-going mix-used development site. To reach the site, one can ride through a PUV's or by private vehicles. Don't worry for parking slots because they have numerous slots to park in.

On our Day 2 of Baguio Food Tour 2014, Rasa Pura was our dinner venue. Just from the lobby, we were warmly welcomed by staffs wearing their sweet smiles. Those warm-white-lighting and earth-colour accents dominated by flat white paint surfaces made the space a modern Asian interior, elegant in its simplest form that suits a fine dining experience. It was also relaxing along with the melody of I-thought-Singaporean-ballads. There were lots of seats to choose from. From a modern-design earth-tone furniture placed in the balcony where you can breath the cold night breeze of the city up to the spacious hall in inner portion of the restaurant for a larger group.

Since we were composed of 10 person, we proceeded in the inner dining hall, at the farther end actually. We sat on a round table which we thought of must be perfect for this munch and for us to have a good view of each menu. A few talk  from the owners was well spent in the time while we are waiting for foods to be served. We asked details of the said restaurant and found out that the cooking task is headed by Master Chef Joseph Teo, a Singaporean. You heard it right! A true blue Singaporean who happened to be a friend of the owners and was deeply in love in the City. It is no doubt that the food, we may say was authentic plus some of the ingredients were imported all the way from Singapore.

I will not take your excitement hung for long! Surely, the following photos will make your mouth waters. So here we go!

Traditional Singapore Cold Dish Platter (PHP 1,200.00 - Family Size)

Just from its looks and smell, it was a perfect start up for the nights meal . It is composed of prawn salad, century eggs, roast pork, sliced veggies and Asian fried egg mixed with vegetables.

Seafood Tofu Soup

Whenever in a meal, I would always insist a soup to include. Well, this soup really deserves a thumbs up. The chicken stock flavor was perfectly combined withe raw taste of tofu along with other spices. Take note, it was served smoking hot which I know everyone prefer most especially in cold weather place like Baguio.

Authentic Singaporean Hainanese Chicken (Php350.00 for half/Php 600.00 for whole) 

That tender and meaty chicken may not look appealing to the eyes but not until it landed on your taste buds. The steamed taste and obvious less ingredients will let you realize that chicken could possibly cook that way -- in its simplest. And to enhance its taste, it must be matched to a special do-it-yourself dip provided. This dish is also a must try.

Singaporean Famous Satay/ Pork BBQ (Php 40 per stick)

Singaporean Fried Hokien Mee (Php190.00 small/Php250.00-medium/Php300.00-large)

Looks familiar isn't it? It may look like our pansit but that saucy noodles is different. Compare to our pinoy version, it is composed of shrimp, squid and pork meat chunks and onion strings and little green leaf veggies but the sauce is a way tastier. The are two types of noodles used which is yellow noodles (can compare to pansit canton) and vermicelli rice noodles. Garnish it with calamansi for a perfect taste.

Kangkong in Spicy Singapore Shrimp Paste (Php120.00 small/Php200.00-medium/Php300.00-large)

This green and leafy dish is the simplest among foods that was served to us. A D-I-Y version of it , I know may be done by anyone but not exactly as special as it is. That shrimp paste enhanced the taste of it plus the enough spicy pinch made it a good side dish. Thus, I believe it is a healthy food to include.

Steamed Pampano

I'm not that fond of fish menus, honestly. But that generous amount of toasted garlic that almost covered the fish urged me to give it a try. I love garlic! The fish was tender and its sweetness was brought by its freshness. My verdict, Masarap!

Singapore Chilli Crabs (Price may varies depending on the source)

This huge crab dish became the darling of the crowd. Its sweetness, sourness and spicy taste blend perfectly. I know the freshness of the ingredients and the crab itself has something to do with its very good taste. Personally, it was also my favorite and I strongly recommend this to include in your order.

Cua Pao /Steamed Buns

This steamed buns is a perfect match for the chilli crabs and also as alternative for rice.

Cereal Prawns

That crunchy bite will leave you craving more for another piece. I love the way it was cooked. It was not too oily which I prefer in a deep fry dish. For prawn menus, I think this is one of the basic and simplest to cook but taste just so good!

Singaporean Ginger Milk Tea

My first taste of ginger Milk tea. At first, I was hesitant if it's really taste good. I was thinking, it might taste like "Salabat" but when I have it, Man! Ang sarap!, the ginger taste was not dominating and still the milk prevails. It can be served both hot and cold. 

The Verdict: 5 star the highest

Presentation/plating: 5 stars
Servings: 5 stars
Freshness/State of Ingredients: 4.5 stars
Venue: 4.5 stars
Price: 4 stars

In my company's department which I belong, it is become an annual routine that Baguio City become our getaway since our big boss own a property there. So the next time we will visit again the city, I will try to suggest Rasa Pura  to be one of our eat destination. I know my boss and the rest of the group would really love it as I love their menus.

Rasa Pura Singaporean Seafood Restaurant

Address: 42 CM Recto Cor. Leonardwood Road, Baguio City
Contact No: +63 998 984 8158
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rasapura
E-mail: rasapura.nav@gmail.com
Operating hours: 10:30 AM-10:30PM
Parking: Parking Lot + On-Street

This is a part of Baguio Food Tour Blog Series of  2014. Check out for coming more posts.

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Baguio Food Tour 2014 happened on March 02-03, a 2 -day event which aims to promote and showcase some of best culinary treats in the Summer Capital -- Baguio City. These restaurant, sites and hotel facilities made this event into success. 

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