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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

From Womb to Tomb: Hospicio de San Jose's Legacy, Service and Commitment

May 29, 2013, Wednesday.

I and my bosses (Sir RCS (our SVP) and Sir Gerry (my manager) were scheduled to do a field meeting in one of the property we are interested in. I arrived in the office today before 8:00 and to my surprise Sir Gerry met me in the lobby and told me that we are about to leave and RCS is coming near in office. I want to leave my bag in my cubicle but since we are in hurry I opted to bring it with me though it is a bit heavy. 

We  went to  Hospicio de San Jose, an orphanage located in an island at Pasig River. Also along Ayala bridge of Manila City . To give you background of Hospicio here are some by Coylee Gamboa,
"Cradled on a verdant island in the middle of the Pasig River is Hospicio de San Jose, home to babies, children, adults and elderly persons who have no other home in this world.
For 200 years, this charitable institution has accepted the poorest of the poor and families in crisis, and has sheltered them, fed them, clothed them, educated them, cared for them when they were sick or wounded, and helped them go on in this world. For infants and the children, able and not so able, they found families or restored them to their own whenever possible, and when neither was possible, harbored them for life and buried them when they passed away.
The Daughters of Charity, who have faithfully managed this institution for 145 years, have, in keeping with their Vincentian vows, loved Christ in the needy, for Christ said, "Whatever you do for the least of my brethren, you do unto me."
Within the walls of Hospicio, a.k.a. the House of St. Joseph, the Daughters of Charity and all who serve alongside them have found not only enough challenges to keep them busy, but also fulfillment in their calling, joy in service and gratitude for the amazing opportunity to see the hand of God at work daily for they live by His Providence."

Facade of Main Building wherein guests were catered.

A Chapel inside the compound.

A covered pathwalk leading to they called The Island"  because when high tide comes, the area sank with water coming from Pasig River.

Above picture is The Sanctuary, home for the sexually abused women. This the most recent structure  built in the compound. Funds were donated by foreign charity.

Landscape structure in front of the HIV patient housed by the institution.

Provision of playground must be one of the ways that institution could help to remove stress of their tenants.

A   Gymnasium/auditorium facilities in the  compound. This  is where big event held. . 

The Dormitory. The institution also open their gate to the outsiders. They have this dormitory facilities only for those who    would stay in short time. like those taking review for board exam and travelers.

Truly, they  have a nice facility that could provide a well environment for those depressed people. 

Ward for Lolos. Old men and women have separate wards. 

This where I  enjoyed most!!! Nursery and Toddler section. I got to meet these cute little angel!!! You'll never feel or see what they have been through. It is obvious that  they  were  really cared by the staff. Active and happy kids welcomed us. 

Cradle ward.

Little beds for toddlers!!!!

Nursery ward where the little angel were crawl freely. 

Center ground of the main building.

After touring around, we then proceed to our main agenda. We seated on a meeting and talked about the plans and strategies we'll gonna use for the proposed development in one of the property of the said institution. We have to come out to a presentation that Vatican will approve it. Or else it will be rejected. We'll do it with the  help of both side and of course for mutual benefits. I felt the desire of Sr. Monette to sell the property so they can have additional funds for the institution and in our side also, we are really interested to it since it is a prime lot.

We ended at about 10 AM. And left the compound immediately. After that visit, I felt so blessed and privileged at the same time got my sympathy to those who live in less providence. I know that the heart of God is in to these people and He is really working that He sent people and  institution who'll reach out to them. I enjoyed it really most especially the kid area and consider to adopt someday. It is a great opportunity to be a parents to abandoned children as also encouraged by our church leaders.

I believe that being a parents is not measured by the blood flowing on our veins but it is in the heart and love we pour. Hospicio's service and commitment we'll be legacy for the coming generation that we Filipinos have a big heart for the less fortunate. Hope and pray that in the coming years, they'll further reach out more. In no age factor to consider and no hierarchy. Wherein every one in need is welcomed with arms wide open from "Womb to Tomb".

For further information about the institution and donation, you can visit their website as written below.


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