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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mabini Shrine: Tour in the house of the Brain of Philippine Revolution

I'm a proud graduate of a state run and premiere public university famous for student activism, Polytechnic University of the Philippines(PUP). Graduated 3 years ago, but still I got chances to visit my beloved ALMA MATER since it's just a trolley(a wooden improvised buggy running through the railways) away from our place. Also, I want to be updated and see what is current in the university. 

This time, I visited the Campus for GWA cetificate (Grade weighted Average) as part of requirement to my Master's Degree application. I came at 11 AM, expecting that I would just claim it and I have not to fall in line anymore, but PUP system as it was acronym-ed Pila Ulit Pila still  remain. Sadly, lunch break reached me and they closed the line. Yes, that was disappointing but I know I have something to do with it. If only i have come earlier. My supposedly half day absence at work became a whole day. 

And to ease my dismay, I relieve my self with food and went around the campus to see what is new and to kill time until the line open. My feet brought me in a shrine. It is the house of Apolinario Mabini here in Manila. A local of Talaga, Tanawan in province of Batangas, the young Mabini studied his Law education in University of Sto. Tomas in 1894, and the house served his shelter on time of his stay in the city. The house was owned by named Cecilio Del Rosario and Maxima CastaƱeda. 

In collaboration, of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines(NHCP) and the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) the shrine was established into its final place. 

The house has been transferred in many locations as the shrine's staff has told me, like in Pandacan, in San Miguel  and  now in PUP Sta. Mesa Manila.

Actually, It is just really a replica and most of the materials in constructing the house were new. Now the shrine serves as small museum showcasing memorabilias of the paralytic hero.

Died on May 13, 1903 because of cholera in Manila, at the age of 38,  Mabini has left many of his personal belongings as books and furnitures even his hammock made from yantok where he was seen most of his life.

The shrine also housed paintings showing the life of the "The Sublime Paralytic". These were made in a painting competition in commemoration of his heroism. 



Portrait of Mabini

Some of Mabini's works and academic records.

Also, kitchen utensils that has been used by Mabini was preserved as shown in the following images below.

One thing that caught my attention is this wooden corn/rice miller. Very old school!!! Sa probinsya na lang ako nakakita nito!!!
Above is photo of charcoal powered flat iron used by Mabini

Bedroom of Apolinario Mabini.

Balkonahe on front entry of the house. 
Apolinario Mabini was appointed as the first prime minister and was also foreign minister of the newly independent dictatorial government of Gen. Emilio Aguinalo on January 2, 1899.  Mabini found himself in the center of the most critical period in the new country's history, grappling with problems until then unimagined. He served as negotiator and the house served as the meeting place.

For visitation interest, just contact the NHCP offcie to advise internally the university admin. The shrine accommodate field trips and visitors on weekdays.


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