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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Not My Ordinary Weekend, Full Packed!!!

May 4, 2013 Saturday, Company Outreach Activity!!!

I started my weekend by waking up early 5:00 o'clock in the morning preparing for my company's outreach program. Lead by the Marketing Department, we did the community interaction in Payatas at Quezon City. The activity has allot 50 slots only for volunteers among the thousand employees. On the first day  of announcement, I immediately posted my  name to include on the list  and then invited my department office-mate to join also.

The meet up place was in our main office. We departed at 7:30 AM, a bit late because we have waited the other participants. We took  the trip  for 1  1/2 hour, the location was a former  dump site and near to current dump site. The project was part of Habitat for Humanity a non-government organization  known for helping the urban poor with cooperation of Quezon City local government.


Our group was tasked for painting  job of the facade only. We painted 7 units just for a half day. I realized,  painting was really a hard task most especially working under the heat of the sun.

 The design and layout of every unit are far better compare to other housing project that the  government is providing most likely to relocation areas of slum dwellers . It has an area of about 25 sq.mts. with place of kitchen and toilet on tile finish. Also, it has a mezzanine for sleeping area and a good ventilating and natural lighting system. Maximum of five member-family would  fit to these housing units.

The housing project is really not bad. (Only if the government has the idea of it) I find it decent for the lower class family thus, the most important is they have a place to live in. As our company's tag line says, it really 'Feels Real Good to be Home".

Energizer Night  Race: Always Run with a Big HEART!!! Stay Fit!!!

The night  that same day, I was also scheduled for a fun run, the ENERGIZER NIGHT RACE.

                                              Thanks  to my Ate who sponsored my race kit.

May 5,2013 Sunday- Mt. Manalmon Climb-Fun

The next day, together with my co-mountaineer, we went to Mt. Manalmon in San Miguel Bulacan.

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