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Friday, April 12, 2013

The Value of Age 20's

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"Past is past" just one of the infamous quotes we heard when something went wrong. Or when realize such things we hve missed to do. In some, it is a sort of relief and excuse.

Last night, after two months of being pasaway(stubborn), I got chance to meet my spiritual family. I decided to go because I do really miss them and also to get updates about them. This gathering was set by our net leader, Kuya Dawen. I admire this effort of him. I knew in  the first place that there is something he wants to tell us. Perhaps, I assumed, this was due to frequent absences I made during Sunday Service but, the other reason, I just knew it there. I must admit, I'm guilty 'bout it.

For the past two months, I habitually went to gala (traveled almost every week) and sometimes preferred not to attend Sunday Service and just stayed at home. 

That night, I felt that they really missed me and I felt the same way. There, I saw Aldous, Levi, Gerald,  Mac, Kuya Moch, and new dude Marlon. Sadly, not everyone in the 12 was able to come. Kuya Dex, my leader, came late that night so we just talked on our way home. I owe a lot to these guys. They contributed to my point of view, my belief, my vision and of course to my spiritual development. 

We ate first our dinner at the same time we chatted a bit long. As usual to pinoy customs, we do mahaba habang kumustahan (long updates).Then, Kuya Dawen started to speak. I discerned that the talk has something to do with the situation of our group. Obviously, he was sad about it. He related his experiences, his plans, his regrets and the things he should have done when he was in our age. And from that moment, I realized that he was trying to encourage us to value our age, our youth. The age of 20's. 

Here are some thoughts I learned from him.


Age 20's is the age of gathering people who will be with us for the rest of our life. In our entire life, we are  acquainted to lot of people. Since the day we went out to play outside our home, we were introduced to our playmates. Up until when we were schooling. We gathered friends in schools we attended and also to the extra curricular activities we have joined. Now, we are in the marketplace, a lot more people come in and out our way. Our network gets wider and broader as we welcome maturity. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, you will come to know people. However, at the end of the day only few would remain and continue being with you. It doesn't matter how long you've been together. What matter is how deep your relationship has become. At this season of our life, we'll earn people who would bring out the best in us. Who will help you and teach you and likewise.

Serious romantic life usually happened also at this age. The time we were looking for a partner whom we want to settle with. The one who will be our wife/husband. Thus, the bottom line, take the opportunity to find these people and church is one of the right place to be.


Don't focus on your problem. But be focused on those that will make you happy. If happiness come rarely, go and pursue fads that will bring pursuit of your happiness. Always, remember that happiness is a personal choice. Don't let your self be drowned by all  the adversaries we are goi g through. It is given that every people have their own dilemmas however it is you who'll handle the situation. You alone who would first seek all the possible solutions. As long as you have the cow, it doesn't matter how much milk has spilled off. We shall learn from  from our losses hence we shall grow, mature and learn from it.


We are not in the world to please everybody else. If you find your self that way, you'll be the most miserable person. We must trust on our own instinct. Listen to the voice that comes inside us. Do things naturally. Believe in your self. Have faith in what we do. Let not fear dominates us. Yes, we have insecurities, but instead of too much worrying about it, make it an asset. Consistently look on strengths we have. Let us not entertain the ghost we made that causes our fears. If we do, we'll lose our confidence.


As early as age of 5, I knew I will become an architect. Thanks to my parents who helped me to build my dreams. I saw the importance of valuing our goals and making it into reality. I believe, it is not us alone who build our goals. First and for most, it is our parents who supported in our endeavors. Secondly, the people who came along our way, our friends, our mentors, professors, and even our critics. They made things a lighter to reached that goals and added force to push it through.

Failure may come along the way, but let not failure just passed by. We must learn from it. When we lose our dreams because of failure and disappointment, ask God to give it back to you. As the book of Jeremiah said, it is God who knows everything 'bout us. He had planned for us and definitely and give great future ahead of us. Like the mustard seed, from a very tiny seed  that grew into a sturdy broad trees. Growing is a law of nature. Those who do not grow have no life.


Accept the human-ness in us that we can't do all things. Let us accept the paradox of life. We don't have the luxury of time to do all things. We have limitations. We made mistakes but I believe everybody has their second chances, maybe not just second but many chances, the most important is we learned from our mistake and we can't afford to do it again. People may judge us, but let us not be affected. We shall accept advice from people we know who could give the best advice.

Wherever we go, there will be person who is greater than us. But it doesn't mean that we'll let those people dominate us. Knowing this shows humility on us. We shall learn from them. We must be eager to search for more know-how so we will level up and grew as individual.


At this chapter of book of our life, we are engaged in the marketplace. Most of us finished our studies at 20's, thus, we started to earn experiences, new knowledge and new buddies. Above all these, we earned money. Personally, it really do give me trouble in handling my finances. I admit, I am lavish spender. During my early days as employee, I wasn't able to save but just recently. I bought things freely not considering if its really necessary. Good thing that our church is teaching us to manage our finances. This year, I got my savings account that I make sure I have money to save. I learned that our money is not ours, it is from Him. It is given to us to teach us to be a good steward of everything He has given us. One thing I should basically learn, is to practice my tithing. I should work out for this. Really.

If there is the opportunity to give, Give. It is  one of  the  happiest experience. It doesn't matter how big the amount is. God doesn't look on the amount but on our giving heart.


Truly, at this age of mine, I am still doubting what  I really wanted, most especially in career path I'm tracking. I'am an architect by profession, and I really dreamt of it. Thank God that He gave it to me. But there are other side me that I really want to do and pursue.Visual arts (painting) is one of those. This is my first love. I started drawing since nursery. I see it as my hobby,my passion. Probably, if not an architect, maybe I become a visual artist. Despite of this passion, I don't have excess time of doing it. I make some but I can't finish.

One more thing that I love spending my time is PLAYING IN OUTDOORS!!!..... I remember when I was a kid whenever my father is visiting our hometown, Marinduque, I was the one who would always come with him among the child. Even though sometimes, he didn't want, I insisted to go with him. Just to join him, I didn't sleep until the time of his departure. As early as that, my travel instinct has sprung. Traveling will be my constant activity, and that is for sure. I may forget my other desire, but moving into places will be my constant endeavour.

At this season of our life, is also the time when we are finding ourselves. Finding who really we are. Always remember that God has made our identity. Trying to change or alter it might lose our pathways. Let us ignore comparison of society. Know that each and everyone has their own identity. We are created uniquely.  No living things has exact resemblance. No matter how small the resemblance are.


You can't serve two masters at a time. As one of the movie line I watched says, "Always choose to be good." Let Jesus be the pattern of our life. I know, it would be hard but at the end of the day, indeed, it is rewarding.

I may say that I gradually feeling maturity. Both physical and mental. Time seems chasing me alacritously and my world seems getting smaller. I'm in the mid age of 20's but there are feelings of uncertainty in part of me. Hearing these words from Kuya moved me so much and gave me a recall that I'm not getting any younger. How lucky I am that I have these people who has great concerns about me. I know this is part of God's plan for me. Sending these people along my way who I know will  guide me, correct me, who would help me to stand and pull me back whenever I fall down (but if it's up to me if I'm willing to be corrected, sometimes, I have the attitude of getting of what I want is what  get....).

I know this track won't become easy. In fact, it would become harder. It lies on us how we will cater it. Whether, in hard ways or easy ways. It is in our choice. What we had learned and earned along the way would suffice the situation we'll be facing. We are far from the end our days, hence, we have a lot  time remaining. Time to improve ourselves and plan  our DISKĂ€RTE. Get out and discover new things. Let us not contain ourselves from a repeating routine.  Our decision of today will much affect our future. Probably, it will bring a lasting result.

We have a lot of regrets in our life but if we choose God above all, it will be filled of joy and no more regrets at all. Be the happiest person that people are drawing near to you. And most of all love God through all of our lives.

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