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Thursday, June 6, 2013

I-Witness Documentaries

Really, I am an avid viewer of documentaries. In here I got lot of information about our country that serve as a wake up call. Also, it give me a thorough view of our deeper situation as a nation. Whether it  is dire or good, it encourages me to be a better citizen and explore more of our culture and practice our very own tradition. I know gradually, we are reaching the new phase of changes. I believe the said "Sick Man of Asia" is now on its recovery and we have to be part of it. It may not be felt as the moment but years from now, I know we will. How lucky the coming generations are. Our children, grandchildren and great great grand children, for they will experience a new Philippines. 

Thanks to these dokomentaristas who did a very well job. Informative and yet so moving!!! I strongly recommend this to watch rather watching movies and series. Steal some time for this and you will really like this. For my fellow travel enthusiast out there, this is a must watch!!! They feature travel sites. 

Photo credits to Philippine Star
Here are some of the Episodes that I already watched:

Ankla(Tambobo Bay) ni Sandra Aguinaldo
Kubling Yaman ng Cam Juan ni Sandra Aguinaldo
Lapu Lapu 
Lihim ng Bundok Kamhantik ni Kara David
Maculot ni Jay Taruc
Misteryo ng Bundok Manalmon ni Jay Taruc
Laki sa Lawa ni Howie Severino
Promdi City ni Kara David
Ang mga Dalagita ng Sapang Kawayan ni Kara David
Kinder na si Lola ni Kara David
Ambulansyang de Paa ni Kara David
Namimingwit sa Langit
And Huling Mambabatok (The Last Kalinga Tattoo Artist) ni Kara David
Batch 2012 ni Sandra Aguinaldo
Ang Kuwago ng Pahiyas ni Howie Severino
Mga Lihim ng Pamilya ni Rizal ni Howie Severino
Anino ng Cubao ni Cheche Lazaro
Hiram na mga Anghel (Hunter Syndrome) ni Sandra Aguinaldo
Lolo Lambanog ni Kara David
Muton (cable cart) ni Jay Taruc
Silong ni Kara David
Saplot ni Howie Severino
Mailap na Mangyan ni Kara David
Ang Buwaya ng Rio Tuba ni Kara David
Ang Tagong Boracay ni Howie Severino
Biyaheng EDSA ni Howie Severino
Itinaga sa Bato ni Howie Severino
Kamandag ng Palayan ni Kara David (story of Philippine cobra)
Ang Lihim ng Lumang Tulay (Featuring Philippine Colonial Bridges) ni Kara David


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