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About Galaero

The Author

The author of this blog is Billy Rodriguez Palatino, his first name is actually with "Joe" but prefer to ease it because he don't want to be associated to famous child actor turned into an international singer. Hehe. ;)

.....He is 20 plus years old .

.....A Registered and Licensed Architect by profession and is now living in the urban jungle of Metro Manila together with his family.

.....He loves to draw, paint, sketch, shoot amazing photographs usually street, landscapes and portraits.

.....One more thing, he loves to sing.

His love of travel started when he was a kid when his father used to visit their hometown in Province of Marinduque. The young man always insisted to come along even if his father didn't want. Since then, he knew to his self that he'll be going to places. As he grow up, adventures came along his way. He love to join school activities like scouting and never missed one of it. Traveling has always been his move. From joining competitions during high school years up to joining Jamborees, these has made an instinct that seems to be forever and be his passion.

He grew up in rural setting mingling with nature in his home town Alobo, Santa Cruz, Marinduque. He climbed and played on mountains and hills together with his childhood friends. But, never thought that it will remain his forever playground and mountains would be his resting refuge.

Now, he is on the marketplace. After the exhausting and toxic college days in 2010, this is the time to pursue his love for travel. At year 2011, he joined a mountaineering group SMB Mountaineers (Society of Mountaineering Berks) through a college mate. Yeah, mountains are his first love but as his knowledge of traveling grows wider and knowing more destinations, climbing mountains has never been enough. His travel escape includes heritage site visits and island hopping, beach bumming , chasing waterfalls and food tripping. Since then, the rest were history.

He knew that all his life would not suffice the places he want to reach but he believes that as long as he lives and has time to move into places, he would do it and try to discover more of it. Tell the people that there are lot to do outside the four corners of our room. Learn and witness the beauty that earth (specifically his country Philippines) and life has a lot to offer. Learning are more outside our comfort zone.

The Blog

This blog was created on month of April year 2013."Galaero" comes from the word "gala" means wander, leave whatever meaning of going into places and "ero" a sort of suffix to associate to someone/human. Therefore, "Galaero" means an individual who love to go in places and fun of wandering around.

This blog was specially made to record all his travels and adventures that it may be guide for those into traveling also. Galaero believes that all his travel was his escape from a tiring work and all pressures he is feeling. Going out of town is one of his outlet. It even includes all his thoughts to share to its readers.

So come and join all his travels! Hope you have fun and happy reading ahead! See you around specially on mountains.

Note: For the grammar watchdog out there, my English grammar is very bad so please bear with me.

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