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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Heritage Cemeteries to Visit in the Philippines.

Sagada's hanging coffins (c) Arnie Iambuchock
The value to our departed love ones have been rooted long before the Philippines was colonized by Spain. It goes back during the pre-hispanic period where the departed members of the family were given great honor because of our ancestor's belief of afterlife.
Thus, the tradition of burying dead varies on different regions. One best example is the hanging coffins of Sagada, for the reason of bringing the bodies higher up closer to their ancestral spirits of gods. This practice continues up to this day but now in smaller scales. Then spanish changed our old tradition steadily that paved ways in creating grave sites.

In early times, the dead Catholic were buried within the church vicinity but not until the dramatic increase of population that requires larger space of internment. That system were the one we were following currently.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

PH among the Top 10 Countries to travel in 2015

MAKATI, Philippines -- It is just overwhelming that again our country is included in must visit destination for the coming year 2015 according to Lonely Planet. They come up with the list of top cities, regions and countries. 

Topped on the list are Singapore for countries, Washington DC for cities, Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey for regions. These were on the Lonely Planets latest feature, "Best Travel for 2015" --- these were chosen for its "topicality, unique experience and wow factor". And being ranked 8th for country category is a big achievement for us. As the travel site start up attribute to the country mentioned,
"The Philippines 7100+ islands have dive-tastic coral reefs, sunbathe-ready white sands, swaying palm trees and nipa-palm thatched huts. Plus in 2015 the government is laying on all sorts of special events to raise the profile of the archipelago. And if there’s one thing Filipinos know how to do, it’s party – expect street parades, food festivals, sports tournaments and live music. Now that Philippine Airlines has gained approval for direct flights to Europe, America and Australia, why wait?"
So what could we expect for the next year? Flocks of tourists will definitely come. The authority, DOT, shall prepare for the arrival of tourist and let us show them the the genuine Filipino hospitality and the true sense of our tourism slogan, "IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES

Here are the complete list per category.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

SHUTTER SNAPS: Manila Bay and CCP Complex

MANILA, Philippines -- I was scheduled to join the sketching session of my newly discovered artist group, Urban Sketchers-Philippines. The event was held in Manila-Pasay area so I knew there would be something good to capture and to click my cam with. It's the country's scenic and historic Manila Bay. Mind not the foul smell of the seawater just focus on the picture of the location. Hehehe! So, here is what my buddy Pent's shutter got snapped. The bay from daylight-to-dusk-to-night. I'm liking the night shots! 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Urban Sketchers | Caught Again By My First Love

(c) Urban Sketchers Philippines
 MANILA, Philippines -- Again, I was back in by beloved Manila City for my involvement  to Urban Sketchers Philippines for the first time. Hahaha! Another network and something to engage with whenever boredom hit me. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Alibijaban Series [Post 6] : Island Fiesta Night | Galaero Travel Rule, Act Like Local, Party Like a Local

These islanders really know how to party! Here how it went that fiesta night. Party animals! 😁🎵🎶

Alibijaban Series [Post 5] : Around the Island

Sunset in the island
In that afternoon of my first day in the island, I excitedly asked for assistance of somebody to tour me in interesting areas around the island. Two kiddos volunteered to accompany me in what they call "Farm". They are Micheal who is a nephew of Ate Nelly and his friend John Mark. We left right after our lunch. From that first meal that I have in the island, I initially felt my host's generosity. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Alibijaban Series [Post 3] : Appreciating of What I Have

After parting time with Kuya Goody, it took one more hour of travel from San Narciso then I finally arrived at San Andres. I was in the town proper at 12 midnight. The town was in the deep slumber. There were no locals around except the bus station crew and the driver of the bus. I don't know where to stay over the night. Beside, I ain't prepared for this. I have not researched accommodation place within the town so as I asked the crew, they don't even have the idea. I have no option but to spent the darkness somewhere. 

Alibijaban Series [Post 2] : From Total Stranger to a Life-long Friend

This trip allowed me to meet a life-long friend.....

We were in Pagbilao area already (I assumed) when I noticed a seemingly amiable man talking to everyone as if he knows everybody inside the bus. To be honest, it annoys me a bit every time I see a "feeling-close-person". But by observing this man, I knew he is different. I find him just truly friendly and nothing else, just that. I don't know. Maybe I felt his sincerity in every talks he had to all the passengers. So when a chance came, when one of the passengers boarded off, I sat beside him. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

SHUTTER SNAPS: Behind the Scenic Sunset of Manila Bay

MANILA, Philippines -- As picturesque as it looks, the truth behind the historic Manila Bay simply define our nation at the present time. It is far from its heyday and now suffering from gradual deterioration. But for Manilenyos, Manila Bay is more than just the astonishing sunset but a home that sheltered dozens of ill-fated souls wrecked on the brim of poverty. It is a source of life and a spring of hope. Congruently similar to an everyday city life -- tiresome, chaotic, muddled in frantic urban realm, right after the sunset, all is promised with another day. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

SHUTTER SNAPS : Night Scenes Within the Wall

Monday, September 1, 2014

Just Saying: Tagalog's Sea Gypsies, Striving for Life

DALAHICAN PORT OF LUCENA CITY, Quezon Province -- Ate, kuya?!, loud pleading yells echoed inside the ship. I saw people gathered on the rail portion of the vessel. I pondered what was they were looking at. With my great curiosity, I hastily checked what seemingly entertaining them and found out that a group of sea gypsies gathered right on the sea next to the ship. That wasn't the first time I glanced a scene like this. I used to witness them during  trips in our hometown ever since I was young. However, up to this day, it's still a long hanging question to me of which tribe these troops belong. ( If you know them, tell me.)

Monday, August 25, 2014

SHUTTER SNAPS: Looking Through the Eyes of Kids

Daraitan, Tanay, RIZAL --- We can see the basic of life to the kids. They have the hands that take holds of heaven and a life assured by the parent's love. They have those innocent eyes that gives us divine appointment. And also kids could give us a real chance of fun.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

HOTEL REVIEW: Azalea Residences | A Definition of Perfect Baguio Hotel Experience

BAGUIO CITY, Philippines -- Given that the City of Pines is a prime tourist destination in the country most likely during holidays, summer, Panagbenga Festivals even all year-round , chain of hotels, motels, inns and transient houses are abundant up there to accommodate flocks of travelers. They are in varieties from high end up to the budget friendly rates.

[Sponsored Post] Sage | Fusion of Asian and Western Dishes

BAGUIO CITY, Benguet -- Pronounce as "Saj", is an emerging restaurant in the City of Pines and started getting its popularity. Sage offers both western and Asian dishes with modern approach. It is now an addition on the list that would make Baguio City really a haven for relaxation, vacation and yet a food destination. (To be continued...) 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Mt. Batulao | Revisited the 4th Time Around

NASUGBU, Batangas -- The first time I learned 'bout Mt. Batulao was in the website www.pinoymountaineer.com. I was in intense hunger to explore this as it looks like a back of a dinosaur and those multiple ridges is just so inviting. I remember my first time on this mountain was trekked through the old-to-old trail. The new trail was not established yet and the last was in 2011 which was my third. And for the longest time, last month, my 4th time on this mountain materialized. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

SHUTTER SNAPS: Quick Manila Day and Night Tour

MANILA, Philippines -- Oh Manila, My Manila! It is hard to think that soon I'll be changing my address and we'll separate our ways. But one thing for sure, I'll keep coming back to you! Here are some the faces of my beloved city be it on day or night.

"Balangay" Replica on The National Museum's exterior ground.

Mt. Arayat | Back to the Peak

ARAYAT, Pampanga - It always amaze everytime I put glance on this lonely mountain during my trips in Central Luzon and up north. He seems so immovable in the midst of vast plains, sturdy and as if a proud gent chinned-up-standing-tall. I learned stories about it, those mystical experiences by its spectators, legendary folklores told by the locals and historical facts, made me more curious of what it feels like delving around it. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Lucban Church | On the Shadow of Quaint Fiesta

LUCBAN, Quezon Province - Like most of town in the country, the  Church of Lucban sits on the center and probably on one of the highest point of the town. On front of it is a small plaza and then villages built around it; as patterned on the "Laws of Indies" 

The sun was about to set when I reached the town. There were bunch of locals on the vicinity of the marvelous edifice at that moment. Some, I assumed were tourist/visitors like me visiting the church. Surprisingly, I discovered that the church was dedicated to St. Louis of Toulosse, a catholic bishop and a former cadet of French Royal House of Anjou and not to San Isidro Labrador, the farmers patron; whom the festival have evolved.  

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

[Sponsored Post] RASA PURA | Reach of Singaporean Staples in Baguio City

BAGUIO CITY, Benguet - The first time I've tasted Singaporean dish was when my boss treated me on my 25th birthday. And from that day on, I instantly love their dishes. Although  delicacies of this economic-tiger country can  now be tried these days, it is still rare on the Pinoy taste buds.

Makati and QC already have it in some locations but surprisingly, our brothers from the north can now experience Singaporean staple. Yes! The City of Pines have it and we were pleasured to savour among their menus before most Baguio City people does. It was in Rasa Pura Seafood Restaurant, which means "City of Taste". So, if your like craving for Singaporean ambience when your up north, you must have a visit in to this food facility.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tayabas - Lucban Trip | Pahiyas Festival Sidetrip Suggestion

LUCBAN-TAYABAS, Quezon Province -- I'm sure PAHIYAS FESTIVAL was already marked on your calendar. And now you can't wait to set your foot again on the road to see those colourful cladded  decorations of  kipings, fruits and vegetables. But, please don't let the festival contain your trip on a single town because Quezon province has more to offer.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Puente de Malagonlong | My Search for Spanish Colonial Bridges

TAYABAS CITY, Quezon Province -- It was a year ago when I watched a documentary featuring colonial bridges specifically those that was built during Spanish era. I was in immense nostalgia and fascinated as I watch the episode. 'Was enlightened on how these edifice that we usually overlook, have gone significant role through the years. Even up to now they are still serving their purpose, connecting places and  connecting our modern times to the past. Some of these may have gone and have crushed into rubles while others are remaining sturdy. And after that show, I came to a decision. I will personally visit these bridges to see its grandeur at first hand. I will document them so that our countrymen will be aware of its important roles served to our ancestors. My first drop was in Tayabas Quezon where the nostalgic bridge of Malagonlong was built. Years have passed, it remain standing thru the test of natural calamities as earthquake, storms and floods.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pandan Grande Island | Amazed by Gentle Pawikans

SABLAYAN, Occidental Mindoro -- It was a fine morning when our outdoor group's summer getaway officially began. We proceeded to our first destination which is Pandan Grande Island. But before that, our excitement was hung for few minutes because my companion has to buy goods for our consumption and all we will be needing in the entire trip. That took for only a half-hour and then we were enroute to the island. 

I joined the first batch who came a day ahead. Kahit na humabol lang ako Hehehe! Naiwan kasi ng bus. While the other group came the next day. We tagged them the Sablay-an group. Peace! Hahaha!

Little did we know that just from first destination will be one of the highlight of our adventure.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

[Sponsored Post] Alfoncito Place | A Taste of Italian Cuisine in Summer Capital

There it goes!!! Summer season is fast approaching although kisses of cold breeze can still be felt because of the blow of Amihan (Northeast Monsoon). So, where else Filipinos would go during the hot season? None other but in the Summer Capital--BAGUIO CITY. This high altitude city offers refreshing ambience of merging nature and modern city living that made it distinct from other urban areas definitely because of its cold weather. It became a popular tourist spot locally for its numerous tourist destinations and the chance to experience diverse  Cordilleran culture.

And after the tour around in the city, hanging-out and food munching would be the best relief for your grumbling stomach and to regain the drained energy. So, let me suggest you a dining place where you can focus on your foodgasm --- it's Alfoncito's Place.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Guimbal Church | A Photoblog

Cabatuan Church | Bricky and Bulky

CABATUAN, Iloilo -- The Town of Cabatuan was the last town I visited when I had my Iloilo Tour along with Sir Estan Cabigas of Langyaw. It was already dusk and the sun have set already when we reached the town. This sleepy town turns into a gathering place specially the plaza area in front of the church as I saw bunch of locals around. My priority was to visit the town for its colossal church which never failed to amazed me at the moment I glanced on it. It is indeed massive especially the symmetrical bell towers that was clad by red bricks. 

Calinog Church

Lambunao Church | On Balance and Symmetry

The Town of Lambunao was the second town we visited after Calinog. This is for my visita iglesia, together with Sir Estan Cabigas of Langyaw.

I haven't have a thorough research 'bout the Town of Lambunao on the time we visited there. Might have due to limited time.  But according to little information gathered, the town is consider as the Summer Capital of Iloilo because of its location on higher ground nearing the mountains of the north. It is also said that the town is haven of numerous waterfalls to explore and hidden lakes as they call it "Tinagong Dagat". I remember that a church staff mentioned to us its whereabouts and lead us to a painting of it done on portion of wall of church's hall. Only if we had so much time to explore this wonders thus, it gave us reason to go back there primarily for it.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Santa Barbara Church | The Reach of Spanish-Moorish Style Influence


Guimaras Mango Pizza and Pasta

Known for its dubbed as sweetest mango on earth, Guimaras Province have genuinely utilizes its major product into a popular Italian food with a twist. As for my self, 'can't even believe that using mango fruit as main flavour would taste that really good--- for a pasta and pizza.

Monday, February 10, 2014

San Joaquin Church | A Military Themed Church

After our visit in Miag-ao Church, we decided to go further to visit the far-flung town of San Joaquin primarily for its Grand Baroque Old Cemetery. San Joaquin was the last town in southeastern part of  Iloilo Province. After it, you're already in the Province of Antique. Though you will have a long travel to reach this sleepy town, it has much to offer to its visitor whether by nature, food, festivities and tracing back its rich history. Basically, its church would tell the  old days of the charming town.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Jaro Church | Male Saints Domination

JARO District, Iloilo City -- After four long hours of travel from Kalibo Airport, I finally reached the charming cosmopolitan of Panay Island. My travel buddy Ad and I were agreed to meet in Jaro as it was the nearest place for both of us. He came in Iloilo City a day ahead of me. This trip was materialize primarily to witness Dinagyang Festival after it caught my interest to experience it firsthand when they performed in Aliwan Fiesta and bagged the grand prize. Jaro Church was the first that welcomed me and as if warmly greeted me along with its separate soaring bell tower across the street. And just from that moment, I presumed that this trip will be surely terrific. 

Chasing Sunset | A Poem

Chasing Sunset
by Galaero 

Miag-ao Church | A UNESCO World Heritage Site

MIAG-AO, Iloilo -- It never crosses my mind that I could see Sto.Tomas de Villanueva Church or the Miao-ao Church the soonest as this. This is the remaining among UNESCO Heritage Churches in the country that I haven't seen yet. So when I booked my flight to Iloilo City to watch Dinagyang Festival at first hand, I surely included  this heritage site in my itineraries. (To be continued...)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Janiuay Cemetery | Ilongos' Value for the Departed and Artistry

Just like San Joaquin Cemetery and among other historical sites of Iloilo, Janiuay Cemetery can also be found along the main road. For numbers Ilonggos, the town of Janiuay is connoted with its grand Filipino-Hispano cemetery. This cemetery became part of the diverse Spanish colonial sites of this history-rich province.

Cabatuan Cemetery | Striving the Modern Times

My fascination on colonial cemeteries grows out more when I had my tour in Iloilo. Cabatuan was the last town I visited during my stay there and its aged cemetery was my last stop. The daylight  was starting to hide and darkness is prevailing fast when we reached this heritage marvel. 

Cabatuan cemetery was built with the leadership of Fr. Juan Porras and was inaugurated on February 4, 1894. It is the only cemetery in the Philippines that has perfect square and is enclosed on all four sides with intricately-designed steel railing.

San Joaquin Cemetery | Grandeur and Beyond

Heritage tour in the Province of Iloilo shall not only include churches and ancestral houses but also colonial cemeteries dated back in Spanish occupation. And one of these is San Joaquin Cemetery. 

Built in 1892, the Campo Santo of Town of San Joaquin, one of the Iloilo's farthest town, have catered deads of the province for more than a century.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Molo Church

I only heard Molo as the popular noodle dish in Panay Island but my trip in Iloilo has allowed to set my feet on its land and see right before my eyes its beautiful church.

Molo Church is popular as the feminist Church dedicated to St. Anne, is a Roman Catholic parish church located in Molo District of Iloilo City in the Philippines. The church is one of the most familiar landmarks and tourist attractions in the city.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Under the Moon Bow [Moon Rainbow]

Seen on the headlines of  news in TV tonight, I hurriedly went in our roof top to personally see this phenomenon -- Moon Ring, Moon Halo or the Moon Bow.

The ring around the moon was caused by the refraction of the moonlight on million of ice crystals on the sky tonight. The shape of the ice crystals results in focusing the light into the ring.

Chocolate De Batirol | A Taste of Back to Traditional Tsokolate

"A Picture worth a thousand Words."
 For the mean time, pictures would be the only content of this post. Right after my architectural tasks I'll switch back on my blogger duty and relate about this traditional Tsokolate and the rest of December 2013 Baguio Trip! Happy viewing!

Alibijaban Series [Post 1] : Journey of Uncertainty

Now, I believe that bests were really saved for last....

Never thought that my supposedly Mt. Batulao climb would turned into spontaneous trip 10 hours ride from the Metro, a place not so popular to everyone and yet a paradise island that needs to be discovered. My fears and worries in traveling alone was eased by the warmest people I've met in this travel escape.


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