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Friday, April 12, 2013

The Value of Age 20's

Photo credit to planetromero.com
"Past is past" just one of the infamous quotes we heard when something went wrong. Or when realize such things we hve missed to do. In some, it is a sort of relief and excuse.

Last night, after two months of being pasaway(stubborn), I got chance to meet my spiritual family. I decided to go because I do really miss them and also to get updates about them. This gathering was set by our net leader, Kuya Dawen. I admire this effort of him. I knew in  the first place that there is something he wants to tell us. Perhaps, I assumed, this was due to frequent absences I made during Sunday Service but, the other reason, I just knew it there. I must admit, I'm guilty 'bout it.

For the past two months, I habitually went to gala (traveled almost every week) and sometimes preferred not to attend Sunday Service and just stayed at home. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Eternidad Segunda"

Photo credit to stuffpoimt.com

"Eternidad Segunda" 

Angel Crespo(Ciudad Real, 1926, Barcelona, 1996)

Lingua Español

Metis las manos en el agua.
Para pacerne a las islas.

Por mos dedos pasaba el mar.
Como el aire por las rendijas.

Por de bajo de mis palabras
las sirenas se perseguian.

Cuando quise volver a tierra 
yo no estaba la orilla.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Parrot's Peak: My Birth Mountain

It was year 2011 when I officially climbed a mountain and that was Pico de Loro in Ternate Cavite

Friday, April 5, 2013

Buruwisan Multi-Falls | A Place to go to chase Waterfalls

"Just Follow the Footprints"....this rule had helped my adventure together with my college friends in Mt. Romelo in Siniloan, Laguna. 
In the past few months, I've been seeing my college classmate/friend frequently. We jogged at Ayala Triangle and did some chitchat. This meeting allowed us to share and talk a lot of what we have been doing, our activities and what makes us busy, our sidelines and of course love life.(Hehe..ciempre hndi mawawala yun!) Eventhough social media become an easy access nowadays, it wouldn't beat the feeling of personal gathering. As an active  social media user, they knew what were my trips. My photos would show that. And that started a talk of my travels and invited them. We end up planning our backpacking as part of Ken's birthday celebration (one of my college friend). That was scheduled February in Island of Cagbalete,Mauban Quezon.

View of Lowland area of Siniloan, Laguna (photos courtesy of Alvin Torzar)

Unfortunately, Cagbalete Island was disregarded due to bad weather. Just to push the gala, 2 days before the date, I searched for an alternative place to go. Since my friends were looking for an adventure with water feature, chasing waterfalls would be ok. My first option is in Majajay but I read a blog that the falls there is a little crowded that you will not enjoy the area because of a massive flocks of people. I continued searching and there Mt. Romelo appeared on the list.  Bloggers would say that it was the best place for combined adventure of trekking and enjoying plentiful of water feature. Also, I considered that my companions were new to this type of activity. I want them to enjoy the place and introduce them to outdoors by starting in an easy yet adventurous one.

My Bucket List

Career Plans...

To teach in my Alma Mater
Give up the corporate career(self-employed)
Travel Photographer (need to buy first pro camera)
Travel Blogger

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nostalgic Side trip in Town of Sariaya: Marinduque Holy Week Getaway Day 4

The last night of our stay on the island has been so long. I remembered that I fell asleep at 3 AM  because my cousins have to leave and go back in our barangay (Alobo, 45 minutes away from Maniwaya by motorboat). Just like us, ending up a chill moment  (when we don't have to think of our daily routine, A Escape!!) made them bit sad.

I woke up as early as 6 AM. I have a shallow sleep that night because I was thinking of our logistics going back in Manila. We heard and I read blogs that there is back door trip from the Island wherein the Poso (a big version of banca) has a daily trip  on Gen Luna, Quezon. The Poso will depart from the island at 6:00 AM and 10 AM. Whenever I have a situation like this that I must wake up early, my body alarm clock works automatically. 

I was the one who woke up first, then my brother and Jann. We ate first our breakfast on the nearby Sari -sari Store. We ate a light meal of bread and liver spread and a cup of coffee!!! Afterwards, we break our camp area and put things on our backpack. We took shower at Manang's House and cleaned everything in the camp site. We have remaining time before the Poso arrived so we got few minutes of nap.  

Leaving this piece of paradise did really upset me. But this is the reality, we have to go back to our norms. Living again in the city of hustle and bustle, thank God though for allowing us this opportunity of letting everything go. 

Maniwaya Island: Marinduque Holy Week Getaway Day 3

Maniwaya Island

Visiting Marinduque shall include your IT of island hopping. Surrounded by bodies of water, the province is blessed with number of islands with powdery and white sand beaches and clear blue water. One of these, is Maniwaya Island. Located in town of Santa Cruz, you reach it through 30-45 minutes boat ride from Buyaod Port. Actually, there are 2 other islands namely Polo, Mongpong but Maniwaya has the best to offer for beach experience. 

Moriones Festival 2013: Marinduque Holy Week Getaway Day 2

Experienced wearing a wood carved mask. 
When you say Marinduque, one thing that comes first on a Filipino mind is Moriones FestivalIt is an annual celebration of Lenten season in Southern Luzon. Bright and colorful costumes of Roman soldiers, painted helmets, mask and ornaments is displayed on the streets. During my stay in our province, it has been a tradition that we have to witnessed this celebration every holy week. Numbers of people flocked in the town proper to attend Good Friday mass and join the procession after. My father used to become a Morion that is why I appreciated much this feast. In this festival also, creativity and the art side of Marinduqueños was showcased. Carving the masks and helmets took month to finish. Tourism was also benefited by this festival. It attracted tourists all over the country both local and foreign.

Luzon Datum+Boac Town: Marinduque Holy Week Getaway Day 1

It has been three years since the last time I visited my home town, Marinduque (Alobo, Santa Cruz to be specific). This trip was planned during our coffee session together with my mountaineering and outdoor buddies(Ma'am Riz, Ma'am Odhie, Arisse, Jann and Rex)....

December 25, 2012 at CCP Complex Harbor Square (mga tumatakas sa mga namamasko...haha...)
"That night really went chaotic and wild! Wahaha! Won't discuss the detail but really had fun." 

It was really just for a coffee session plus bunch of chitchat. Then again, traveler instinct arised and ended up planning out of places to go.We did suggestions of place and date of the travel. We look for the long weekends or holidays of course para di affected work schedules. I suggested that Marinduque must be included in backpacking gala. Ma'am Odhie suggested Mindoro to be also included and among other destinations. In 3 months of planning and browsing of our possible IT's, the group decided that the travel shall be on Holy week and Marinduque is the right place to be because of Moriones Festival and Lenten Season there is somewhat festive compare to other parts of the country. Mindoro is not included anymore since the upcoming S.M.I.L.E. (SMB In Live Experience, out group's outreach activity) will be held there.

Sadly, weeks before the day of departure, some weren't able to go.  It is only Me, Jann and my younger  brother Paul who pushed through.

March 27, 2013 Date of Departure....Eto yung mga oras na ayaw ko na talaga mgtrabaho, naghahabol ng trip ng PNR at dahil di pa rin ako ngpapack...hihihi! Very Good!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Why am i doing this?

                                                                                                 Reasons Why I Travel...

...I travel to read each and every pages of this world we are living in
...I travel to experience various cultures and traditions
...I travel to eat local delicacies
...I travel for learning
...I travel because of my curiosity
...I travel to divert my usual activities
...I travel to relax
...I travel to escape

Reasons Why I Climb Mountains....


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