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Friday, October 10, 2014

Alibijaban Series [Post 6] : Island Fiesta Night | Galaero Travel Rule, Act Like Local, Party Like a Local

These islanders really know how to party! Here how it went that fiesta night. Party animals! 😁🎵🎶
I was in the right place at the right time! The island which was composed of 3 barangays were celebrating their week-long fiesta. As a usual set up during fiesta in barangay most likely in the province, the local were busy preparing for the upcoming yearly celebration. It was bisperas ng fiesta on  my second night in the island. Ate Nelly, my host, told me that a Barangay Night  will be held that night. Well, it was not new to me at all. Growing up in the province where fiestas were given so much  effort and time, I used to attend yearly event like this. It's a gathering of all residents of the locality in one night of party, rendezvous and banquet. Each sitios (smaller unit of barangay) were expected to share food and even perform an intermission number to showcase local talents. It is also the time of homecoming of some locals who have transfered to other place or even the balikbayan. 

So what would you expect with that? A real good party indeed! On the other side, what excites me is I could witness how these islanders do their party compare to my hometown. And it's been quite a long time since the last time I attended a barangay fiesta.

Pantomino Dance
I found their fiesta night the same with ours. Until such moment that the emcee asked the people to dance a "Pantomina" dance. Oohh! That's the first time I heard about it. I became curious what it is? There were locals who volunteered to perform while others were requested to get it in. Those who will dance will have to give a monetary amount. Hahaha! That's one  thing that I didn't volunteer. The performers were aligned on both side of the hall. Male and female were separated. Then the sound of melodic classical ballads was played and the dancers also began to move. I see it like a "Rigodon Royale" dance which I used to dance way back high school days during prom night. Apparently, it was a folk dance with hispanic influence which I see it as a good sign though is a borrowed tradition. That time, I saw a reflection of our ancestor's colonial era celebration in some sort. I admire how these people preserved that practice over the years and I'm pretty sure will last up to the next generations. 

After few more sets of Pantomino dance, the crowd went wild along with pop and rock music sometimes a cha cha song. This is my moment. I joined the crowd and hit the dance floor. It was like a party till you drop scene. Hahaha! The islanders in all walk of life went crazy all night long. 

A party wouldn't be complete without a booze! Cheers! 

I call it a night at about 11 pm although I wanted to stay longer and party with them all through the night. I need to get in bed early for my trip going back home in the next day. Again, I'll be back to the frantic city life! *Big Sigh*

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