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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

SHUTTER SNAPS: Quick Manila Day and Night Tour

MANILA, Philippines -- Oh Manila, My Manila! It is hard to think that soon I'll be changing my address and we'll separate our ways. But one thing for sure, I'll keep coming back to you! Here are some the faces of my beloved city be it on day or night.

"Balangay" Replica on The National Museum's exterior ground.

The National Museum 

Check out their new galleries and exhibit.

Display of Lantaka, a swivel gun and Cannon. 

Exhibit of Filipino Foods.

This piece has caught my attention as it looks like my travel buddy "Pent". 

You must get excited for this! The former Department of Tourism Office will soon house "The Museum of Natural History". 

Ang Diwata, a winged deity made of concrete was carved by National Artist and PIA Gold Medal for Fine Arts, Guillermo Tolentino in the 1930's. Later, it became the symbolic figure at the top of the Bonifacio monument in Caloocan City which was jointly designed by Tolentino and an architect Andres Luna de San Pedro. The elements of this piece is perfect.

Here are some art pieces of Rizal

I always admire Jose P. Rizal's ability. This piece is a genius work. "The Mother's Revenge"

"Ang Ermitanyo" the hermit

The Manila Cathedral

The Manila Cathedral on its stable status. Fresh from rehabilitation and just recently open after being close from public in 3 years. 

Elegant and magnificent interiors of new Manila Cathedral. 

Some interesting pieces in Intramuros.

Some of the destroyed structures within the Intramuros during World War II is paving its way to revival like the San Ignacio Church. 

The Queen of Spain, Reyna Isabel

Our country is name after him, King Philip II

Hidden Puerta de Santa Isabel

Escolta and China Town

As seen from afar, The El Hogar building in Escolta is in the verge of destruction. This portion of Manila once have became the financial and business district of the country but now have long forgotten. 

Our long bonded relationship with China can be seen in this part of Manila's China Town. It is said to be the oldest china town in the world. 

The modern China Town now houses high rise residential buildings and among other chinese establishments.

The face of poverty in the city.

So if you are like craving for chinese staples, Binondo is the place for you. Now, my tour in the city usually ended on munching place like Wai Ying. 

I love their Beef Wanton Noodles and varieties of Dimsum and of course their delicious Milk Tea!

Manila on claws of darkness

Escolta night scene

Classical buildings in this former financial district were preserved and some are still in good condition. The movement of reviving Escolta has really hope for this to emerge again as livable and workable place. In my personal perspective, if using it as business area is impossible, I think it can be used as heritage district-- an extension of Intramuros. Buildings can be converted into hotels, museums and commercial spaces. 

The once grandest bridge in the country is now at its simplest, Jones Bridge. 

Manila Post Office as seen from Jones Bridge

Liwasang Bonifacio during darkness become a  homeless' rendezvous.

Busy Taft Avenue. 

Bonifacio Shrine.

Your glorious times must have faded but your charm yet seems chaotic made you a unique city. Someone has to dig deep to witness your former beauty. You will be forever loved and I can't wait the time of your soon healing. It is just my address that will change but being Manilenyo would incessantly remain.


  1. You take great pictures, I love the architectural ones. Love your blog!
    Great tour of Manila ; )

  2. Hi Billy. Grabe, ang gaganda ng mga pics mo? I really like how you capture pictures. Do you give photography course?

    1. Hi Benedict! Thanks! I'm newbie in photography siguro chamba lang tlga yung iba sa mga pics ko.



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