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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Guimaras Mango Pizza and Pasta

Known for its dubbed as sweetest mango on earth, Guimaras Province have genuinely utilizes its major product into a popular Italian food with a twist. As for my self, 'can't even believe that using mango fruit as main flavour would taste that really good--- for a pasta and pizza.

Except for its mango slices, the other ingredients of usual pizza is still present like cheese, green bell pepper and ground meat. The flavour of mango gave its taste a little bit sweetness and sourness.

While it is almost taste the same of a common spaghetti, the usual tomato sauce or for us Filipinos, the banana catsup for spaghetti sauce, the pasta was topped with mango sauce instead. It is combined with cheese and some veggies and meat chunks. But I'm telling you, it taste really good and so new to taste buds.

Where to eat:
One can taste this unique delicacy in Pitstop which is  nestled in Guimaras' Commercial Center located in Town of San Miguel. Aside from pizza and pasta menus, the restaurant also offers burgers and rice meals. There are several kinds to choose from. And prices are reasonable.

After our half-day tour in the island, it was our last stop. Really, it was a relieve to our grumbling stomach. In that island day tour, I skipped breakfast and lunch, kaya bawing bawi ang kain ko.

Hopefully, like other Visayan Region original restaurants like Casa Verde of Cebu and Dimsum Break also from Cebu, hope that they could branch out here in Metro Manila. So that, we Tagalogs don't have to go in Guimaras to taste this unique and yet yummy food.

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