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Monday, January 13, 2014

Under the Moon Bow [Moon Rainbow]

Seen on the headlines of  news in TV tonight, I hurriedly went in our roof top to personally see this phenomenon -- Moon Ring, Moon Halo or the Moon Bow.

The ring around the moon was caused by the refraction of the moonlight on million of ice crystals on the sky tonight. The shape of the ice crystals results in focusing the light into the ring.

Folkloric Theory on the Moon Ring

'Was mentioned by my cousin that it appeared on the night before Typhoon Ondoy hitted the country's capital that caused wide and deep flooding in the metro and have destroyed houses and claimed lives. Thus, the ring signifies that a bad weather is coming, and it might be true.

 Also, the number of stars within the moon ring was the number of days before the bad weather will arrive. Have you seen any stars within? I saw one inside.

I took the opportunity to capture some night scenes on our roof top.

So, obviously "Fiesta" is coming in our community as the banderitas shows.


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