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Monday, September 16, 2013

Singkaban Festival of Bulacan

The Province of Bulacan have shared a great role in our country's rich history. According to our history record, the first constitutional democracy was born there and held the First Philippine Republic in Malolos. Among all these are the long list contributions of the province  that are too many to mention.
Now, in the modern times, the province seems bit forgotten as prominent provinces in the country in terms of tourism. And in order to promote the provinces again and call tourists, both local or foreign, the Bulakenyos are working out to revive their tourism magnet and also to promote the local skills and Festivities.
And one of the annual festival held in Bulacan is the Singkaban Festival.

Singkaban stands for "Sining at Kalinangan ng Bulacan". It is a festival of arts and culture in honor of the capitols patron saint "Our Lady of Victory". The festival is celebrated every second week of September in which also aligned in celebration of "Linggo ng Bulakan".

The Bulakenyos are showcasing their traditional arts like "Balagtasan", and folk dance under the Singkaban Arches. Sigkaban arches are made of bamboo designed with slightly peeled top layer that made look fluffy and flowery like. The festival is also the emergence of various festivals in the province that took part on the street dance competition.

Official Logo of Singkaban Festival 2013. Photo credit to Provincial Government website of Bulacan

On the 1oth day of the month of September, a blogger friend Manong Unyol, messaged me and asked where I am to for the coming weekend. I replied immediately and said I am very available in the weekend. Exactly,  that time, I was browsing possible place to go. He said that a fellow blogger, invited him to Singkaban Festival. In my curiosity I opened a new tab and consulted to the powerful search engine site Google about the said festival. Just in one  click, a result popped out on my laptop's screen. I learned that Singkaban Festival is one of Bulacan's annual grandest festival. Upon learning this, the travel bug bit me once more. I got excited in the fact that I'll be witnessing a province pride festival and given that it is in Bulacan specifically in the capitol city-- Malolos.
Flashing back, I was in the 3rd grade when the last time I have been in Malolos. It was one of the itinerary of our educational tour.
Manong Unyol introduced me to his fellow blogger friend and connected me to his account so that I could add him and advised him that i'll be joining the trip. He was Librero Tres (name of his FB account) of http://sanjosenyonggala.blogspot.com/. I added him on the facebook as soon I saw the link and right away he responded to my request.

Honestly, on the first chat that we made, I felt the the guy's warmness and generosity and I know he'll be a good friend. Indeed, he was. Even Manong Unyol and                    Lakwatserong Opis worker , that I met for the first time, I knew they will be best travel buddies.

Going to Malolos City

As per the schedule of activities, the highlight of the festival which is the street dance would start at 1 PM. Thus, we caught time for an early sidetrip. Our logistic started in Fairview where Me, Manong Unyol, and Lakwatserong Opis Worker met at 8AM.

From Fairview we hopped on the bus heading to Tungko (P18), which is among San Jose Del Monte City's commercial district. Jollibee-Tungko was our meeting place. We waited for Librero and April in few minutes and about 9AM, we left the area going to our sidetrip -- in Our Lady of Loudes Grotto, a  must visit site for pilgrims and a good example of Gothic Architecture in the country. See separate post.

From the grotto, we went to another sidetrip -- in the town of San Jose Del Monte where we had our lunch at the Kubo for that day and had a tour inside the church.

At 12 NN, with worries that we might get late in the event, we hurriedly proceeded to Muzon where we rode jeepneey routing to Malolos City. (P45)

In just 45 minutes, we reached the city. We first dropped by in Barasoain Church, where we met Christopher, Librero's friend and he who used to be our official guide. Yes, we met up in the historic church!!! Seeing it again brought me to amazement. For the longest time  (for 15 years) not seeing it, it really remain beautiful.

The Festival Street Dance | Parade of Artistry and Colors

We were expecting that the parade would start in the church's vicinity but due to uncooperative weather it was moved in the Provincial Capitol area. So the group transferred in the capitol though a caratig -- a small version of jeepney.  (P8.)

The participant's assembly area were at the City Coliseum. The event street dance started when the rain stopped.

The weather failed to stop the local mardigras. That gloomy weather  was dominated by wide array of colours that move freely on the street of Malolos City.

Singkaban Festival is also the season to display Bulakenyos beauty and fashion.

Each participating towns shouted their chant and made pride to their own festivals.

As the drum beats, the fellas gave their best poise and flashed their sweet smile.

Even the ethnic sounds has scattered on the parade as the participants hitted their bamboo instruments.

The street was like garden that was full of blooming flowers dancing on every beat.

Every participants gave their best shots as the parade was about to end. They gave their best move and shouted their yell so loud. The drum rolls even got louder.

The parade took just for less than an hour. From the original route that supposedly from the town proper up until the capitol, it has turned in to capitols vicinity only. The parade was shorter compared to the previous years might have due to rainy day. Somehow, it still justify the festivity and made the event into success. Event hough spectators were lesser, the event ended  up peacefully. Mostly were photographers and I assumed they were also fellow bloggers.

And I learned from my companion, this year celebration, numbers of participant declined. Hearing this, I sensed the worry-some feeling of these locals that again the festival would possibly not be held for the coming years. Well, we hope that the province LGU should allocated annual funds for this. Knowing that It is already a part of their culture and local tradition. Furthermore, it could be a way to attract additional numbers of tourist that might contribute to province' economic advancement.

Further notes:

I would like to thank from the deepest to these Bulakenyos who really are warm and so fun to go with. To Christopher, to April, Mark and of course LIbrero. Umpisa pa lang ito sa sangkaterba nating gala in the future. Thanks sa generosity and kindness. I felt that really!!!

And to Thrasher and Jun!!! Thanks sa sincere invite at kwentuhan!!!

'Til our next trip!!!! Set na natin yan!!!


Ngayon ko napatunayan na maraming magagandang Bulakenya!!! Hmmm....Matalas ang paningin ko!!! Salamat to my new purchased eye glass!!


  1. Thanks for alloting space sa Bulakan dito sa blog mo brod... Lam mo na, kahit medyo epic fail yung estatwa ni Marcelo del Pilar sa Kapitolyo... Hahaha...

    Kidding aside, it was nice meeting you. Looking forward to some other Gala's with you and the gang.

  2. Thank you for allocating space for the Bulacan's Singkaban Festival..

  3. Yeah it is my pleasure! Thanks fro dropping by!

  4. @ byaherong Ilongggo!

    OO Makulay yung festival nila! Sarap Sa mata!

  5. Punta tayo sa Enchanted Farm ng Gawad Kalinga sa Angat Bulacan. Mukhang ok cia. Invite Tayo ng mga bloggers para ma-promote din yung lugar. Seems maganda cia at ok I-feature.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. eto nakita ko sa website ng gawad kalinga. :D


  6. @ Christus Basilicus & Librero.

    Your province deserves to be feature and promoted its rich history and diverse culture! Plus the beauty of "Women" hehehe.....

  7. @billy..kaya nga si Rizal ay nain lababo sa 20 Women of Malolos..haha
    when he heard the braveness of them..nagpunta sya ng Malolos to encounter with then..i have one friend who a grandaughter of one of those women..nanligaw si Rizal sa lola nya..hahaha



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