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Monday, September 30, 2013

National Museum of the Philippines [New Galleries]

To be able to have brief knowledge of such country, city, town or any place, a visit in the museum 
.........must include in travelers' destination. It gives a quick glimpse of history and cultural background 

Above was the Old Legislative Building and now serve as the "The National Art Gallery".

In celebration of "Museum and Gallery Month", the National Museum of the Philippines has opened its door for free. This will be free in the entire month of October including all the provincial branches. In Manila, there were two neo-classical government building was now converted into main museum. One is the Old Legislative Building which is now "The National Art Gallery". All the artworks like paintings, mural and sculptures made by our notable art genius (by Luna, Amorsolo, Hidalgo, Tolentino and among others) were well kept and preserved there.  The second one is the former Finance Building that now serves as the "Museum of the Filipino People". It houses cultural artifacts and collections unearthed by both foreign and local anthropologist.  

The Old Finance Building was now the "Museum of the Filipino People".

For further info, the current National Museum was designed by our local architecture genius Juan Arellano together with other neo-classical buildings in country's capital like the National Post office, rumored to converted into a hotel and the dilapidated Metropolitan Theater. 

For museum goer out there,  the Agriculture Building which is now the Tourism Office, was also planned to turn into new Gallery. Said it will house the sort of Natural History of the Philippines gallery. The remains of Lolong who was considered as the largest crocodiles in captivity will be displayed there. That was something to wait for, isn't it?

Aligned to month long celebration was also the newly inaugurated galleries that was now open for public viewing. And this last Sunday, I was able to see it -- the Baybayin Gallery, Guillermo Tolentino Gallery and Hibla ng Lahing Filipino Gallery.

The Baybayin Gallery

The gallery comprised of collection of researches, data and even artifacts gathered in connection to the ancient writing system of the Filipino people.

"Baybayin" is the old alphabet used in the Philippines way back before the Spanish occupation. On contrary to usual thoughts, when conquistadores arrived in the country, Filipinos were nothing but uncivilized group of people. But these misconceptions were set aside in the discoveries of inscriptions made by our ancestors. It has proven that we have established our very own alphabet. We already know how to read and write in our own way which proves that we are an ennoble race with rich culture even in precolonial period. 

In the gallery also are artifacts from different part of the nation in which baybayin has been widely used like in Palawan and Mindoro. The controversial Ticao Tablet, one of the latest evidence of our literacy, that was discovered in the Ticao Island of Masbate was in good care by the Museum.

Guillermo Tolentino Gallery

Tolentino made some busts of notable people. 

Hibla ng Lahing Filipino

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