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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery and Bunga Falls Sidetrip

May 26, 2013, Sunday

My first travel alone!

NAGCARLAN, Laguna -- From the gimik last night, I got  home at almost 2AM (that  was so late!!) eventhough I know that I have to wake up early for my weekend escape. Weeks before, I set up my mind and my self to my trip going to Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery in the Province of Laguna. I supposed to be with Dewi (an outdoor buddy) but unfortunately she wasn't able to proceed because she's not feeling well. However, that doesn't stopped me from pursuing this travel. I know in my part, I was also considering to cancel it because I'm not used to travel all by my self. Parang  ang boring lang kasi and I feel pity  to my self!!! 

I woke  up as early as 6 AM,  to prepare everything (camera, chicha, and water to drink) and leave at 7 AM. 

I was at the Jacliner bus terminal at 8 AM and departed at exact 9 AM. Hindi ganun kadami ang pasahero that's why I had a convenient travel  going in San Pablo City, Laguna (the city of seven lakes). The bus fare is P125. (still affordable)

San Pablo City Church. It is under  renovation that time. The dome of the church quite resembles the dome of Saint Paul's Cathedral designed by Sir Christopher Wren. 

10AM , I reached the city. I've been  in Nagcarlan during my college days, when  we were tasked to conduct studies of such Town/Cities  for possible future development.  We prefer Sta. Cruz Laguna , the provinces' Capital and stayed  in our classmate's house in Nagcarlan. Sta. Cruz is an Hour  jeepney ride from Nagcarlan. 

Back to the trip, there were jeepneys routing to Rizal, Nagcarlan, Liliw and Majayjay in Laguna. It's near San Pablo Church and beside the Fire Station. It took me 45 minutes to reach the said cemetery. I passed by jump off going to Lake Pandin and Yambo and also the town of Rizal, Laguna. The fare is only 25 pesos. The cemetery is just along the national road but for assurance not to by pass it, tell the driver to drop you in the place.

Usual scene of the National Road.

The Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery in Laguna is the only one of its kind in the Philippines - it is a burial site located inside, or more accurately, beneath a church. This church is rich in history - it was built and designed for funeral mass in 1845 by the Franciscan priest Fr. Vicente Velloc. He also directed the construction of an underground graveyard 15 feet below the church

The main gate of the cemetery. Cladd with baked bricks. 
The cemetery is open from Tuesday to Sunday at 8:00AM up to 5PM

The cemetery was declared as National Historical Treasure by National Historical Commission of the Philippines because its underground crypt was used as a secret meeting place in 1896 by Filipino revolutionaries or Katipuneros, members of the KKK. During the Filipino-American War, Filipino patriots also used the underground cemetery to formulate their battle plans and to seek shelter. It also became a safehouse for Filipino guerillas during World War II. There is no famous hero buried here but perhaps, it is enough that we pay our respects to this place where our nameless heroes and patriots sought sanctuary.

The cemetery Resembles the Paco Cemetry of Manila, but a bit smaller. The tombs were at the walls of the park. And there's a Chapel at t he mid end of it. 

Tombs at Nagcarlan Cemetery. 

The Chapel. This is were mass held  or the last destination of the dead before putting inside the  

So dark!!! The are area were only lighted with daylight and incandescent bulb at the  corners. Also there is natural light seeping on the wall opening. Sori di ko na-set up yung lighting ng Camera ko

Creepy!!! I was alone when I went inside the underground. The temperature dropped that moment  and I felt like someone was staring at me. I even failed to land my feet on the floor 'cause I was so afraid until there's a group who went inside. I joined them and took photos inside. No camera flash were allowed while catching pictures.  

Stairways descending to underground tomb .

Cross Barrel/Arch. You would see this on the ceiling of the underground cemetery together a faded Trom Leoi'l Painting.

Archways going down at the underground.

Stairways view from the Chapel.

Altar of the Chapel.

Wooden door of the Chapel

Nagcarlan Town Hall.

After my stay in the cemetery. (low battery na rin cam ko!!) I didn't missed  to go around the town proper and look  for other place to visit. And my feet brought me to San Bartolome/Nagcarlang Church.

San Bartolome Church.

For some trivia,  the locals said that the church is connected  to the underground cemetery by an underground tunnel that serves as an escape way. One of the tomb serves as the door. Up  until now there is no exploration done yet. This is not the lone case that a certain important structure is connected  to a church. (i.e. Aguinaldo Shrine is speculated to be connected to Kawit Cavite Church)

Inside the Church. 

The Church's Retablo.

Ofcourse I treated my self with a delicious lunch meal. Chicksilog!! 

At 1PM I'm ready for my side trip. To Bunga Falls. Thanks to Kuya (forgot to ask  his name, owner of the restaurant where i dine in!) who helped me to pick up tricycle going to Bunga Falls.

National Road!!

Minor Road going to Bunga Falls.

Bunga Falls. In just 15 minutes away from the town proper, you can reach the falls. Evidently, the  place was exposed to commercialization. Numbers of tourist flocked in to this place  and really very much accessible that's why the serenity is disturbed. 

Well, I find not enjoying to swim in the water because of lot of people. So I decided to go back in the town. 

At 2:00 PM, I hopped on  bus heading to Manila , I thought I would do standing in the  bus but luckily, I  got a seat and good thing that it was raining that makes my travel not so hot. 

Overall, I found my self enjoyed and as history buff, it sparked up my love of country further. 
I reached Manila at 5PM. Hindi naman pala  ganun kalungkot magtravel mag-isa. Mabilis lang yung magiging biyahe mo and you have nothing  to worry for during travel. Though,  expenses will be a bit higher. I've got a lot to discover historical landmarks like lighthouses and other colonial buildings. My next stop, Quezon's colonial bridges. I will  try to invite companions on this travel but traveling alone again is in my option!!!  

Total Expenses:


P16.00 (2  jeepney rides) - From our house to Buendia 
P125.00 - bus fare (aircondition) going San Pablo
P20.00 - tricycle going to  jeepney terminal
P25.00 - jeepney going to Nagcarlan
P100.00 - tricycle going Bunga Falls (back and fort)
P110.00 - bus fare (ordinary) going Manila
P16.00 - (2  jeepney rides) - from Buendia to our House


P60.00 - Lunch Meal (chicksilog)
P30.00 - Chocolate Shake 

Total of P502.00 (sulit na sulit!!)


  1. di rin ako nag enjoy sa bunga falls napaka ingay hehehe

  2. Hi Manong Unyol,
    OO, commercialized na masyado and medyo murky yung tubig
    Thanks sa comments mo and dropping by on my blog!!!

  3. salamat dito ha, marami pa pala talaga ako need iexplore sa pinas.

    1. Salamat din sa pagbisita brod! UU as in sobrang dami pang pedeng puntahan



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