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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Osmena Peak: Delving Cebu Day 2

If Bohol has its "Chocolate hills"- scattered conical thousand mounds that turn brown during dry season, hence the name, Cebu has also  its jaw dropping geological formation-- The "Osmena Peak". 

Strategically located in Mantalongon, Dalaquete, (pronounce as da-la-get)  one of southern town of Cebu, this must visit natural wonder is consider the highest in the province. 1040 MASL according to my watch altimeter. The town itself signifies the role as the vegetable basket of Cebu.  

How to get there

Getting on the peak would require a long travel especially if you'll be coming from Cebu City. Either you'll take a bus from South bus terminal bound to Town of Bato or hire a van which is better when you are in a big group. Don't forget to tell the driver to drop you off in town proper of Dalaguete.

From the town, you can steal time to buy goods in the market or eat on the nearby restaurant like what we did. Right on the town, you can arrange a habal habal ride (P100. per pax) took about 45 minutes depends also on the weather, in our case, we reach Mantalongon within an hour due to heavy rain. And another 15 minutes to reach the jump off.

The Trek

Saturday, June 1, 2013

From the heavy rain poured the last day while on our way to Mantalongon, we decided to move the climb the next day due to uncooperative weather. We spent our night in one of the sitio of Mantalongon which is on the foot on the rugged limestone mountain. Great that we were able to get accommodation in one of the local's house -- Ate Ging. That very day, we personally experienced the warmness of Cebuanos. The locals even gave us vegetables for our dinner that night, cabbages and sayotes, which we mixed in sautéed corned beef for our lunch the next day.

That gloomy weather made the surroundings temperature cold and even colder over the night. To warpm ourselves up, Ano pa nga bang pedeng maging pampainit? -- Ciempre Alak!!! We bought a bottle of rhum in Mantalongon market. and we made the night lively with bunches of chitchat and joke antics.  

Our morning on the day of  trek, were welcomed by a foggy sightings. Icy cool breeze kissed our skin as we went outside the abode. Our lazy bodies seems unable to stretch up and want continue lying down to savor the cold weather. But we have to wake up for our first itinerary.

That thick fog failed to stop us in proceeding the climb.

Meet our little guide. Youngster in Manatalongon got source of income by guiding tourist during the weekends.

Meet the team while waiting for breakfast to get cooked! Sir Leo, Ma'am Dottie, Ma'am Odhie, Me, Jann, and Ma'am Rizzie (L-R)

This young lady helped our day by fetching water for our consumption. Aside from her generosity and warmness, she touched our heart by relating her little background. She was legally abandoned and currently  raise by her grandmother. Her father was sent in jail, now in Muntinlupa, from a murder case brought by revenge for her killed brother.  And her mother is nowhere to find.

In able to help this kid out, on our little way, we let her wrote a short letter to be send for his father and gave it as soon as we reach back in Manila.

Melancholy aside, how do you find our accommodation for the night? Isn't it great?!

At about 8AM, when everything was all set and after we cleaned our mess in Ate Ging's house, we left the sitio. We left a letter to atleast give gratitude to Ate Ging. It was posted on one of the cabinets.

Girls on kissed goodbye for their young fella.

Seems nakikisama na ang panahon!!!

Point and shoot along the trail.

Start of the trail.

Hooops! Picture muna!

Ma'am Rizzie at limestone wall back drop.

Me again!

The Sitio's view from upper halfway of the trail. Locate Ate Ging's house.

We only took the climb for about 30 minutes. This mountain fits for all types of adventure seeker. Even the beginner would find it like a walk in the park tour. Trekking gears and proper wear is no need.

As we arrived the summit, we have nothing to see but a thick fog. We are really hoping for a clearing in that morning. The supposedly rewarding view after the climb seemingly would not show up.

The shutter never stop clicking even if we have no beautiful background to pose with.

We waited for more minutes. We were like peeking on a shy beautiful lady to show up and wanting to witness its beauty. Later, the cold wind blew and with it , the fog cleared up. We suddenly saw these awesome scenery. I got the chance to get photos of it though it wasn't completely clear.

For more couple of minutes, we prepared ourselves for the descend but before we proceeded, more photos ware taken. We did jump shots and solo shots.

How about a puppy on the summit? A potential trekking buddy.

The group at the summit.

We are family!!

Eventhough we failed to have perfect shots and didn't saw awesome views, still we are thankful to experienced Cebu's famous mountain and really something to be proud of. It's unique formation would definitely amaze it's spectators and left them wondering how it was formed.

More views of the Sitio.

Morever, our Traverse going to Kawasan Falls gave us further glance of the rocky hills in the low lying villages as we trekked through. So wait for the blogpost i'll be sharing featuring our great and zombieing trip. Happy Reading!


  1. ang ganda dito sa Osmeña Peak! :) -Mervz

  2. Oo sir Mervs! Sarap balikan lalo na pag ok yung weather.



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