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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Just Saying: Where did demoracy brought us?!

(c) The Manila Times 

It's been 30 years since the late Ninoy Aquino has been assassinated. He who also the reason that ended the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos and put into presidency our first woman president, Cory Aquino.

But after that so many years which I believe that we as free nation have gain maturity and learned from all these, did we really attained the definite fruit of liberation from a regime which we consider  the dark days of our nation's post colonial government? Or have we interpreted it into a different understanding? Have we been overwhelmed by the overflowing democracy brought by "People Power " movement and made undisciplined citizen? Or has it worsen more the corruption and can't get rid off the crocs in our government?
An English writer Peter Ustinov once savid that "Corruption is our nature's way of restoring our faith in democracy."

Yes, it did restored our hopes on democracy and promised that our nation will soon overcome its dire situation. However, it seems that things are not falling into the right place. Greed has never been eased thus became a culture. We have changed at least 3 presidents, the military man in Tobacco, the action star which has been ousted and the little woman who is also the daughter of 9th president of the republic, and today Aquino is on the seat, but still we're in the brim of poverty. The crocs has even became a professional corrupt.

Sad, but its true. But let's still hold on. We'll over come this!

Just saying! ;-)

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