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Monday, August 12, 2013

My Cebu Survival Food and Food Trip

I am no food expert and not even a gastronomic enthusiast maybe because I am not picky when it comes to food. I would eat all the food that will be offered to me as long as my taste buds liked it. And sharing to you guys my food imbibed when we're in Cebu is something fun to relate. So here we go.  

1. Dimsum Break in Gov. Cuenco Ave., Banilad Town Center, Cebu City.

Originated in Cebu but now has its branch in Metro Manila at SM North EDSA. The restaurant is on a fast food set up that offers variety of Chinese cuisines but I saw it in Pinoy way. Have to visit their branch here in Metro Manila.

Steamed Fried Rice with Saucy Meat chunk and shrimp toppings.

2. Miki-Bihon Pancit of Cebu, from a local carinderia in front of our hotel and beside the bus south station/bus terminal.

Miki-bihon pansit with vegetales , meat chunks and shrimp. 

3. This crab menu serve as our survival food when we stayed in Dalaguete, Cebu. It was our overnight dish matched with cups of instant noodles. 

This crab is courtesy of Ma'am Odhie and Ma'am Riz fresh from Mindoro.

4. Fried sweet and spicy Dilis (anchovies). Our lunch "ulam" during our Osmeña to Kawasan Falls Traverse. It was actually partnered with sautéed cabbage with corned beef. I think that brought the Zombies in our traverse. It produced uric acid in our body!

5. Casa Verde, American Style Casual Dining. The restaurant is located in alfresco dining area of Ayala Mall in Cebu City. (just discovered that they already have 3 branches all over Cebu) This used to be our comfort food after the exhausting trip. Cozy, palatable and affordable menus, this is what Casa Verde known for.

Who wouldn't be amazed by this 9 inches diameter burger? 

This up-sized burger would be good for up to 4-6 person.

Munching it all by yours self must require a whole day non-eating diet. Hahaha...added into are fries. Expect to be bloated!!!

They called it Brian's Rib. A baby back rib that was evenly marinated, cooked just right and glazed with sweet syrup (not sure if it was a honey) and a tasty flavour. The meat is tender and juicy that it falls off up to the soft bone. The ribs was matched with a scoop of rice and corn and carrots as side dish.

Casa Verde also serve alcoholic drinks as beers , wines and other beverages.

For more information about their restaurant just click the link below.


  1. sarap talaga mag foodtrip sa Cebu!kakagutom:)

  2. Casa Verde is only found in Cebu! How I wish they could branch out here in Manila!
    Anyways, Thanks for dropping by on my blogsite
    I already include you in my blog rolls. Mind to include mine too.


    - Billy Palatino of http://galaero-escapetravels.blogspot.com/



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