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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Just Saying: When Greed Strikes!

(c) The Manila Times

Year 2010, a turning point, a new president was elected and the stage of leadership was again passed to the lineage of Aquinos. Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino as we call him PNoy (President Noy). If not of his parents who have been so love by Filipinos, probably he wouldn't be in the position. His campaign slogan has put marked and prevailed promising a "Tuwid na Daan".

Now, three years in the seat, and to be fair to him, we've really seen his effort to make effect his promises. I personally felt and seen it the "Daang Matuwid" but not in it full blown. Naahh! As usual politics!

On his term, our economy have grown dramatically and just recently declared as the fastest in the region. Laws and rules have been implemented and somehow put into action. From the "anti-wangwang" policy for the government officials up to the protection of our sovereignty, the president is truly on the move. He is even trying hard to extract the remaining crocs and dissiminate dirty transactions on government offices.

Just recently on his SONA, he has been tactless while saying his words of disappointment to certain bureau where in culture of corruption is still prevalent and even fired some officials of it. (I would like to commend the president on this).

Now, rolling out on the news is the PDAF issue or the 10B Php pork barrel scam. Expose' and witnesses are coming out against the allegedly scam queen Janet Napoles that involved several lawmakers from the senatorial position up to the congress. The pork barrel scam supposedly for Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) was diverted into fake NGOs.

The fund that must be allocated in agricultural sector to distribute to our local farmers was shared by few. And this Napoleses were said now hiding due to issuance of warrant of arrest filed for illegal detention of main whistle blower, Benhur Lui.

It saddens and made me almost into tears knowing that there are people as greedy as them and seems so callous regardless of others stature. Poverty rate in the country remain escalating. And that multi-billion amount of money if used in the right allocation, could help our millions of countrymen who are on and below poverty line. Grrrr...Nakakagigil!

Besides, my sympathy also goes to the tax payers like me and you. That money could have created many project for social and national development than in the pocket of our corrupt officials. We know that it isn't the lone case that corruption has been exposed. We heard and have seen a lot of it. What fear me is that this issue might be overwrite and be set aside again. Politician that was involved to it may not be track because of "padrino" system prevailing in our government. The sacrifice and effort made by witnesses will again be wasted.

Until the greed strikes and remain in our culture particularly those in the position, our long time desire of full transformation will be like a scene in foggy mountain. The view was perfect on distant low lying area but is being block by the thick clouds. What we badly needed is the sun rays that will wipe out the cloud. We are one of the rays that will bring the heat. May pakialam tayo dahil kahit papaano apektado tayo dito. We may not felt it individually but we feel it as a citizen of this nation.

The battle for corruption has never been easy and it will never be. But as long as we believe for a true change and let ourselves be aware of our state, in the end, the price we pay is worth it and let us remain holding on our dignity.

Change starts from us.

Just Saying!  


  1. I think this article should be posted on leading broadsheets or tabloids.. EDITORIAL! Good job bro.

    1. Thanks bro, yeah this sort of editorial write up but this is self opined. Oo, pangarap ko ma-published any of my write ups to any national newspaper. I think dito ako mas may talent, sa opinion-criticizing way of writing particularly in national issues.



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