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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sumilon Light House

The Philippines is consider as one of the largest archipelago in the world that is composed of 7,107 islands (said to be more during low tide). And due to archipelagic location, sea navigation is the major transport system in the country to transfer its citizen from island to island. Thus, it houses numerous harbours to cater the local and foreign mariners.

Aside from harbours and ports, our country has numbers of lighthouses that served as navigation aid for maritime pilots and its sea farer most likely during the early times. But due to modernization and high expense to its maintenance, the operation of lighthouses has declined and started to become a dilapidated stone and historical landmark.

Our trip in Cebu gave me the chance to visit one of the province's light house. And for farola enthusiast out there, Cebu must be a drop by in your trip and be awed by its lighthouses.

Lies on the southern Cebu is the town of Oslob. It houses the verdant island of Sumilon. Not known to travellers and backpackers, aside  from Blue Water Resort, Sumilon has its well kept secret attraction--the lighthouse and Baluarte.

Staring at the light house. Approximately it stands about 4-5 storey high concrete structure.

Clinging on the rusty steel ladder rail and have a photo opt. Me, Jann and Riz (R-L)

Sumilon Island has its significant role in the history of the Cebu. On 1813, a battle on the island signalled the end of slavers' constant attack on southern towns. The battle was won with the cooperation by the townfolks lead by Agustinian Friar Julian Bermejo. The success of the battle was coupled with construction of massive fortifications on coastal towns of south. Made by brick blocks, mortar and piedra vittoca (coral bricks), baluarte became a fortress of shield to all intruders and a watchtower. These enormous edifice was named after the saints. And one of the remains of Baluartes can be found in Sumilon Island. Baluarte in the island stands about 2 storey high building.

The Baluarte Marking. The structure is just beside the lighthouse so going there is like hitting two destinations at a time.

Photo opts at the ruins. Me, Ma'am Odhie and Ma'am Riz (L-R).

Meet the siblings with their daddy and mommy. Hehehe. (Sir Leo, Ma'am Do, Ma'am Odhie, Ma'am Riz and Jann)

Yours truly, Photographer kunwari!

Seeing this abandoned old bunk house means you are near in the lighthouse location. Hindi namin pinalagpas pati to para sa picture picture!

Wet and tired. Heading back to the sand bar.

It was drizzling and the clouds started to dark so we hurriedly went back in the sandbar where our rented boat was waiting. The sea also became white which means the waves are coming on our way.
Indeed what we expected was right! We sailed on the rough sea as if we were on the strong swinging hammock. (But still nothing beat so far my Cagbalete trip). When you visit Sumilon Island, make sure to trek to the light house and Baluarte and be awed by its grandeur and have a throwback moment seeing those.

How to get there?

From the city, you ride on bus or van bound to town of Bato or directly up to the Blue Water Resort. The trip is more than 3 hours travel so either you sleep or enjoy your self watching each town that the bus is passing by. Don't worry I assure you, you'll definitely enjoy the Cebu rural sceneries.

An arranged big boat can be made to the locals worth P2,000 more or less depends convincing power and charm! Hehehe! Or you can try to hitch on the travel service by Blue Water Resort to its guest.

The sail will took about 15-20 minutes also depends on the calmness of the water.
The boatmen would bring you in the sand bar and from the sand bar you ask the the resort staff/officer guarding in the off limits area of the resort to where is the trail going to the light house.

Just follow the trail and try to see some trail marks like tied ribbons and hoisted flaglets. Go straight forward until you reach the bunk house and ascending portion of the trail. And there you see, the tall structure at the end of it.

Take note:

Tell the driver to drop you by in the resort receiving compound and look for the locals who offer boat ride and mind to buy supplies to be used in the island. There are no stores in the island given that it is private property.

You might be confused by the other trail going back. Make sure to use the same trail because the other you would see will lead you to the resort premises which is prohibited.

The trail is jagged and rugged sedimentary rocks so be cautious while trekking. It might hurt and wound you when slip. But I'm telling you, the trek is tempting for cliff dive because of the blue sea water. 


  1. Naalala ko tuloy ung lighthouse na pinuntahan namin sa antique! Ansarap sa feeling pag umakyat ka sa lighthouse diba?

  2. Nice one bunso! Till our next trip :)

  3. Huwaw! I've been to Cebu pero dko pa ako nakakapunta ng Sumilon. Ganda...

  4. Yes maam, Hindi kasi cia ganun ka-popular! Pero must visit! Pristine and tranquil



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