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Friday, August 4, 2017

SHUTTER SNAPS | Bakun Duo Hike: A True Wanderer, A Photoblog

A True Wanderer has a persistent heart and don't easily give up even if it takes a long trek through the ardous trails because he knows at the end of this trek is a beautiful scene that only few priviledged could ever witness. 

 A sight on a top of the mountain is a picture that remains for long. It is a medicine to excruciating pain on his limbs. It is a drive that reminds him that there's more to life so he go out and spend moments on an open road where he learned genuine life teachings. He knows that we are just but speck of dust in this world thus it humbles him. He learned that life is more beautiful and pure if its simple because he learned that from all of his open road journeys. He look at things in new perspective and become more vigilant, pay attention to details and curious of everything. 

He see beauty amongst ugliness and evil amongst beauty. It's like a blindfold was removed in his eyes; it gave more meaning to this craft; it inspires him; it stirs his blood; it taught him to be selfless; and showed him the meaning of life in its purest and sincerest form. I'm a certified open road hero and that's how I #Live2Wander.

Shot taken at trails of Mt.Kabunian and Mt.Tenglawan in Bakun, Benguet on February this year. 

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